Easter Vacation In Egypt

There are chances that you want to find some quality deals on holiday packages while you are vacationing in Egypt. You might also want just to explore various places there with your family or friends. You can choose Easter Vacation In Egypt for that purpose.Uninformed travellers are often surprised to discover that Egypt has beaches, incredible resorts and an array of luxury hotels. At one point in the not-too-distant past, Egypt’s globally recognized sun and sea vacation destinations were based on the Red Sea Riviera and Sharm El Sheikh, but over the last decade or so, new regions have developed along the country’s eastern coast.’

The legend goes that Easter was earlier celebrated in the month of May but due to a complicated political background it got rescheduled to April. The celebrating of the Easter was started with the light of candles and it is followed by feasts, prayers and family gatherings. The biggest celebration takes place on Good Friday when all the churches are converted in to grand auditoriums and people go there to worship. It is believed that Christianity came in Egypt when someone saw lilies lying on a rock and they realized they were petals of Lilies mixed with snow and roses.

Easter Vacation In Egypt

In Christianity, Easter symbolizes renewal because Jesus Christ rose to life again after his death. Basically, this vacation will give you an opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world Cairo which is also known as a gateway city between Asia, Africa and Europe for its diverse culture and ethnicity. There are many options about places where you can visit in Cairo including Sakkara, the New Cairo or Memphis, Giza Pyramids and Valley of Kings, Alexandria Castle, City Stars Mall (the only air-condition shopping mall), Nile River Cruise etc. You can enjoy your tour going around Cairo and see its historical monuments with sightseeing transfers from airport or from hotel. Just plan

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Egypt Easter Holidays 2023

Dreaming of Egypt Easter Holidays in 2023? At Egypt Tours Plus, it has never been easier or more affordable to spend Easter in Egypt, either on your own, or in the company of your loved ones. From 4-Day Easter Nile River cruises, to longer 8-Day Egypt Easter holiday packages that include a Nile cruise and tours in Cairo, you are bound to find a deal which is perfect for you.

Enjoy VIP service; 5-Star luxury; fine cuisine; unrivaled hospitality, and non-stop adventure from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. Come and explore an ancient world this Easter, but hurry, because availability for our Egypt Easter Holiday deals is limited.

Easter in Egypt Tours & Holidays Packages

Actually Egypt would make a wonderful choice for those who would love to spend their vacations in lifetime spectacular experience. There are several Easter tours to Egypt that would be appealing to a wide range of tourists visiting the land of the Nile from all over the globe.

The guests may choose to relax on the shores of the Red Sea spending their vacations in cities like Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, and Dahab where the weather they can enjoy the magic of the Red Sea and the best sandy beaches in the world.

Another marvelous choice for spending the Egypt Easter deal is to go on a charming Nile Cruise ride from Luxor to Aswan or vise versa. The Nile cruise ships are extremely luxurious, offer the highest standards of services, and give the tourists the chance to visit all the important monuments in Southern Egypt.

If the guests are looking for a more classy stylish Easter Package in Egypt, they should try sailing in a Dahabiya boat. These sailing boats were used by the royals of Egypt in the beginning of the 20th century to navigate through the Nile. Dahabiya offers the chance to the tourists to experience Egypt the same way as the last kings and queens of the country.

For the more adventurous tours fans, the guests can go discover the splendors of the Western Desert of Egypt to explore marvelous sites like the White Desert, the Black Desert, and the many historical sites located in and around the oases of Egypt.  

Cairo, the capital of the land of the Nile, would also make a perfect choice for an Egypt Easter package. The guests can visit the most popular highlights of the city like the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, the Khan El Khalili touristic market, and the Citadel of Saladin.

Just think of the vacation of your dreams and remember that Egypt has it all. A holiday by the sea, Easter Nile cruise vacation, an adventurous trip to the desert, or even a wonderful classical tour of Cairo would all make an amazing Easter vacation in Egypt.

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