Family Vacation In Iowa

Hello, I’m Tina and I’m here to share my quest of family vacation. My family lives in Texas which is far from where we are going-Iowa. This time, it will be a very long distance and we have not tried it before, but what we did is that we try to search out for some state that is close by with our place and really works. Fortunately, the search has been finalized with Iowa. We read some reviews about this state and noticed there are people who tried it already and their testimonies about how great it was for them. Are you looking for a family vacation in Iowa? It’s a fair question, and I’m here to help. We’re going to explore all the options you have in the beautiful state of Iowa.

I have never been on a vacation, but I’m working on fixing that. When we decided it was time for our family to go on a vacation, I suggested we go visit central Iowa. My father is working at the University of Iowa and might be able to give us a better price for hotel rooms there. We will be visiting many excellent tourist spots during our time in Iowa, including the River of Heroes Monument, Loomis Museum, and the Figge Art Museum.

Family Vacation In Iowa

I always loved the family vacations when I was growing up. We went to many places in Iowa and other states. When I was sixteen, I thought the corn field near my old house was awesome, but with age I have realized that I wanted to go somewhere else. To be honest, some of the places we went to were not one of my favorite trip. We did spend a lot of time camping in east Iowa when we were little kids, which was great at the time, even though we had far less luxuries back then.

Outdoor adventures, historical colonies, fun water parks, and thrilling trails make midwest trips ideal for family fun. Whether your kids love spending nights under the stars while camping or enjoy learning experiences at museums and national exhibitions, Iowa weekend getaways for families have everything you need.

While most of the tourist attractions and Iowa family resorts are open for walk-in visitors, some require prior bookings. This means, if you don’t plan, you can miss out on some of the most amazing things to do in Iowa with kids.

To help you plan your day-to-day itinerary and make the most of your family vacation, here’s a list of destinations you should check out.

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Best Iowa Family Vacations & Places to Visit

Let’s face it; it’s not easy to plan a vacation with young kids. If they aren’t being their usual charming, angelic selves, they are usually picky, moody, and downright unpredictable!

Not to mention the expenses that come with planning outdoor excursions, historical trips, and shopping sprees for the whole family, along with accommodation and travel expenses.

If you’re planning a trip on a budget, a cheap family vacation in Iowa is the way to go. Tourist attractions, dining, traveling, and lodging expenses are cheaper in the region than in other destinations in the country.

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Besides that, the region offers a variety of fun opportunities ranging from its lush countryside to the bustling Iowa City.

The crystal lake cave, Lake Okoboji, the National Mississippi River Museum, and other landscapes make amazing getaways for a family of outdoor enthusiasts.

Similarly, if your family loves indulging in cultural activities, you can spend time at the Grand Harbor Resort or explore the Amana Colonies and Pella.

On the other hand, if greenery and scenic views are your callings, there’s a plethora of state parks, resorts, and hiking trails you can visit in Iowa.

If these attractions make you want to pack your bags right away, here’s a list of Iowa family vacation destinations you should try out.

1. Dubuque

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Located along the Illinois border next to the Mississippi River, Dubuque is a picturesque city in Iowa. Apart from its natural attributes and scenic views, Dubuque has a cultural appeal and historical heritage that attracts tourists from across the country.

One of the main attractions in the area is the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium. The destination makes for an amazing day trip that can keep the whole family busy.

You can book a guided tour for your family and learn about the cultural influence and history of the waterway. After that, you can end your day with a relaxing picnic along the beautiful waterfront in the museum’s vicinity.

Other appealing natural attractions include the Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Gardens and Crystal Lake Cave. Here, you can indulge in learning experiences with your children and enjoy viewing the beautiful wildlife and scenic greenery.

Most importantly, Dubuque is home to some of the top resorts for family vacations in Iowa. These include the Spain Recreation Area and the Sundown Mountain Resort. However, these places are usually overcrowded during the peak season, so make sure to reserve your spots beforehand.

If your family loves camping and outdoor excursions, then Eagle Point Park in Dubuque is an ideal place to add to your itinerary.

The park has several hiking and biking trails adjacent to the Mississippi River. Here, you can take an adventurous hike while watching the magnificent eagles residing in the park.

For history buffs, the Hotel Julien Dubuque is a must-visit. It is a rustic hotel with a prominent historical heritage you would love to live amongst.

The best part is, you can book hotel rooms that look over to the water and spend your days viewing the serene waters. Besides that, the hotel is located in central Dubuque, so every attraction is easily accessible from the area.

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2. Sioux City

Building and Windows

Sioux City is another popular tourist destination in Iowa. Known for its art museums and fun-filled activities, Sioux City is ideal for Iowa family vacations.

The most attractive part about Sioux City is that you can find accommodation that suits your budget. Many options suit your family, from luxury hotels such as the Hilton Garden Inn to modest Airbnbs. Meaning, you can explore the city without burning a large hole in your pocket.

Besides that, the city also has a well-maintained public transportation system. So you don’t necessarily have to rent a car or drive your own to explore the city. Most of the attractions are easily accessible through public transport.

One of the best places to visit with young children is the Iowa Children’s Museum in Sioux. Here, you can witness several educational exhibits catered specially to entice young minds. Similarly, the museum also has interactive attractions and activities to help you make amazing memories with your kids.

Additionally, the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center is something you shouldn’t miss.

It is an educational faculty where you can witness the history of the expansion of the United States with your children. Book a guided tour to enjoy the ultimate learning experience about your country.

3. Burlington

Old Building With Signs
“Burlington Iowa, Building signs” by Loco Steve is licensed under CC BY 2.0

If you have kids who can’t stay still in their seats, there are plenty of things to do with kids in Iowa. First, head to Burlington for its amazing water parks, mesmerizing trails, and children-approved museums.

To treat your kids to a dose of fun water sports, head over to Huck’s Harbor Waterpark for some splashy fun! With amazing water rides, slides, and food stalls, the park is a complete recreational package for adults and kids alike.

On the other hand, if you want to give your kids a learning experience, you can visit the Garrett Phelps House Museum. The building is a 19th-century estate converted into a museum with multiple exhibits.

You can check out its Victorian-era architecture and artifacts along with several medicine-related exhibitions.

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