Family Vacation In July

Unless you work for a large corporation or have the financial resources to hire a nanny, do you have any vacation time to yourself? Many professionals that have served their time and get promoted to senior levels in their company can save up their vacation days.Thinking of enjoying your hard-earned family time? Yes, you deserve this. The key is to plan a family vacation. How can you focus on family when working evolves into a frenzy? How could you focus on your children when your inbox is full with urgent emails from coworkers?Focusing on a family vacation may appear to be intimidating yet it does not have to be. You do not have to stay at home in your pajamas watching TV shows any longer wondering when’s the next opportunity you’ll get to go somewhere fun with your family.

The vacation of a lifetime can mean waiting all year for a small fraction of time. Don’t miss out on the memories, let us make your family vacation more than you could ever dream possible by contacting our office at 1-800-324-4567 to plan your family trip today! Now that is everyone is accounted for, I can tell you where we are going. I wanted to schedule our family vacation so that it is available again next summer. I didn’t want to go somewhere where we had been in the past. Many holiday trips tend to become routine and that makes them lose their appeal. That’s why I have deliberately planned a vacation to help us have fun in a new place. There are many activities you can do with the family and make this trip a memorable one. I will review some of them below since there are so many ways to enjoy with your family.

Family Vacation In July

Are you looking for an exciting new experience to add to your summer vacation plans? Well, you’ll find it at the I Love More Adventure Park, located in Colorado. It’s a place where kids, teens and even adults can get dirty and make memories they are guaranteed to cherish. Visitors can enjoy a variety of adventure activities , from challenging rock climbing to high-speed ziplining and from horseback riding to off-roading

Best Family Summer Vacations

School’s out and workloads are lighter, making summer a prime season for family travel. Considering factors that make a destination stand out for families (like family-friendly accommodations, attractions that appeal to kids and easy travel itineraries), U.S. News determined this list of the best family summer vacations. Use this ranking to jumpstart your family vacation planning, and vote for your choice destination below. (Note: Some of the below destinations may be affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Check with the CDC and the U.S. Department of State before traveling.)

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  • View 40 PhotosBelongs on List?YesNoYellowstone#1 in Best Family Summer VacationsYellowstone is an incredible place for adults, but its geysers, buffalo herds and rock formations can be especially magical through the eyes of a child. More than 900 miles of trails are available in the Wyoming, Montana and Idaho sections of the park, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect route for your family. If you’d rather avoid hiking, you’ll find that many of Yellowstone’s most memorable attractions, including Yellowstone Lake, Mammoth Hot Springs and Old Faithful, are accessible by car. Since the park’s $35 entrance fee covers everyone in your car, Yellowstone is a relatively cheap family vacation destination. READ MOREBEST HOTELS|THINGS TO DO
  • View 56 PhotosBelongs on List?YesNoWashington, D.C.#2 in Best Family Summer VacationsThe perfect destination for families with kids who have recently completed a U.S. history class, the District of Columbia appeals to visitors of all ages. Summer days on the National Mall are incredible, as you can enjoy the warm weather while walking between national landmarks like the Washington Monument, the U.S. Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. What’s more, the city’s multitude of Smithsonian museums are free to visit and are sure to satisfy every type of traveler. READ MOREBEST HOTELS|THINGS TO DO
  • View 48 PhotosBelongs on List?YesNoGrand Canyon#3 in Best Family Summer VacationsWhile a rim-to-rim hike of the Grand Canyon may be too daunting for the whole family, everyone can appreciate the park’s world-class views. There are also more accessible trails for adventurous families to take advantage of, while groups hoping for some relief from Arizona’s heat can enjoy the canyon during a river rafting excursion. Most visitors head to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim for its assortment of amenities, but families in search of thinner crowds and a more rustic experience should consider exploring the national park’s North Rim. READ MOREBEST HOTELS|FLIGHTS|THINGS TO DO
  • View 42 PhotosBelongs on List?YesNoOuter Banks#4 in Best Family Summer VacationsThe most experienced summer visitors to the Outer Banks spend their trips lounging in the sun on the 100-plus miles of barrier islands that line North Carolina’s portion of the East Coast. When you’re not soaking up some sun, explore the Outer Banks’ iconic lighthouses or take in the view from one of the area’s piers. To give your kids a dose of history, head to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, which sits on the location of the brothers’ famous first flight. READ MOREBEST HOTELS|THINGS TO DO
  • View 78 PhotosBelongs on List?YesNoSan Diego#5 in Best Family Summer VacationsAnalysis paralysis is the only issue facing families visiting San Diego, as the California city offers so many excellent things to do. If your children have an affinity for exotic animals, check out the world-renowned San Diego Zoo. Meanwhile, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and Coronado Beach offer breathtaking sands for budding architects to use while building sandcastles. Regardless of how your family spends a summer day in San Diego, they’re bound to create lifelong memories. READ MOREBEST HOTELS|FLIGHTS|THINGS TO DO
  • View 22 PhotosBelongs on List?YesNoBahamas#6 in Best Family Summer VacationsWith family-friendly resorts and warm temperatures, the Bahamas is a solid family summer vacation spot. Many island hotels feature kids clubs, water sports equipment rentals and massive pool and water park areas. Plus, children and adults alike can enjoy the islands’ excellent desserts, which include guava duffs and rum cakes. (Don’t worry, most of the alcohol cooks off during baking.) Of the summer months, June is the best month to visit since hurricanes become more of a threat later in the season. READ MOREBEST HOTELS|THINGS TO DO
  • View 30 PhotosBelongs on List?YesNoAnaheim-Disneyland#7 in Best Family Summer VacationsMany adults still remember their first visit to Disneyland, making it no surprise that Anaheim is a top summer destination for families. Although kids would likely be perfectly content spending their entire vacation at Disneyland itself, Mickey Mouse isn’t this Southern California city’s only draw. Families can explore Anaheim’s lesser-known theme parks, such as Adventure City and Knott’s Berry Farm. Be sure to enjoy Anaheim’s warm weather, too, as it’s (probably) not every day your family gets to bask in the California sun. 

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