Family Vacation In Karnataka

There are multitude of tourist places in India. But with inadequate source of information, it becomes all the more difficult to identify which one to enjoy. It was not easy to find out the best family vacation in Karnataka. So, I decided to compile a comprehensive list of best places to visit in Karnataka for a perfect family vacation

If you’re planning a vacation to Karnataka, we want to make it easy for you. We’ve made a family vacation planner and itinerary to help you create your ideal vacation. You can use this itinerary to start your journey in Bangalore, or use the cities in this itinerary as inspiration to build a customized plan for your trip Tourism is the most important service industry in India. It is linked closely with other services like hotel, transportation, communication, advertising and entertainment etc. Destinations which offer a good variety of sightseeing places and natural resources are popular for tourism. Karnataka has all those things; making it ideal for family tourists.

Family Vacation In Karnataka

An exotic state in the south of India, Karnataka is a perfect holiday spot for all types of travellers. The temperate coastline of Karnataka provides a great backdrop for you to spend time catching up with family, exploring beaches and enjoying the watersports on offer – or take things easy and let yourself relax at one of the many spa retreats available. There’s a huge variety of geography to discover as well. The lush green Western Ghats cover this state, providing hiking trails for walkers through dense forests. Some people like to see them from another perspective, so parasailing and paragliding are other activities to enjoy. These mountains also act as a divider with neighbouring states to the west, which leads us to the more tropical regions. The eastern coastline near the port city of Mangalore is characterised by palm trees, beaches and warm waters that are ideal for snorkelling and diving.

Family destinations tour around the best places in Karnataka with your family

Nothing can beat the blues and burnouts like a trip with your beloved family. If you are living in Karnataka or somewhere near the state border, consider yourself lucky, for Karnataka is brimming with myriads of spectacular as well as adventurous destinations that you can frequent with your family. Strategically located amidst the Western Ghats, Kannad coast, and the Deccan Plateau, Karnataka nurtures all bounties of nature from mountains, beaches, waterfalls, forests, plantations, and lakes. The cultural diversity in the state accounts for its rich heritage, breath-taking architecture and monuments, historical past, and more to enthrall visitors and dwellers alike.

If you are planning to take a trip through the state’s history, culture, heritage, and nature, here’s a list of the top 10 family destinations places you can visit with your family.

Family Destinations Bangalore

The State capital, however, known mostly for the tech hubs, pubs and busy traffic is home to some spectacular tourist hotspots like Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, the City Palace, HAL museum, and Lumbini Garden.


One of the oldest and largest cities in Karnataka, Mysore is the best known for the Mysore Palace for its grandeur. The capital city of the Mysore Kingdom, the city also has a zoo, a host of temples. The Chamundeshwari temple atop the Chamundi hills near the skirts of the city and the Brindavan Gardens are the other popular tourist destinations.


Once the capital of the majestic Vijayanagar dynasty, Hampi is a favorite destination for tourists in Karnataka. From the intriguing ruins of the Vijayanagar kingdom to the spectacular temples, or the dam by the river Tungabhadra, the old city speaks and smells of history and heritage along with alluring beauty. Don’t miss the Vijaya Vittala temple that hosts the musical pillar resonating the tunes of ‘Spata-sura’.

Family Destinations
Chitradurga Fort

The great stone carved fortress is a testimony to the prowess and valour of the great rulers that reigned over the Deccan Plateau. The sprawling ruins of the fort, the well-maintained architecture, picturesque view, historical heritage and fascinating temples are bound to mesmerize you.


Enthralling coffee and spices plantations, munificent forest cover, the gorgeous gorges and waterfalls, and the perenially misty landscape of the place make Coorg fondly referred to as the ‘Scotland of India’. With Abbey falls, Madikeri fort, Buddhist monasteries, Talacauvery, and the Raja’s Seat, Coorg is a perfect family destination, especially during the majestic monsoons.

Kabini national park

From jungle safari in Nagarhole National Park to adventurous watersports in the river Kabini or camping along the banks, Kabini has a lot to offer to its tourists. It is a perfect vacation spot for all the nature lovers out there.

Gokarna Beach

Located along the Karnataka-Goa border, Gokarna is a paradise for beach lovers if you are in Karnataka. It gives the essence of what Goa was in its prime but with an experience of tranquillity. The beautiful beaches and breath-taking temples are worth a visit to the beach city.


Home to the largest monolithic statue of Bahubali, the son of the founder of Jainism, Shravanbelagola is a pilgrim site for Jains from around the world. The barefoot climb to the hilltop temple to witness the rituals and ceremonies at the base of the statue is breath-taking.


Famous for its coastal cuisine, the coastal city of Udupi is a spectacular family destination. Take a stroll along the golden sand beaches, or take a ferry to the beautiful St. Mary’s Island, enjoy the coastal delicacies and swirling or the palm and coconut groves along the sealine. This place will definitely mesmerize you to the core.

Nandi Hills

The nearest tourist hotspot to the state capital, Nandi Hills is a no brainer when you are looking for a quick getaway. Drive to the foothills of Nandi Hills and trek to the hilltop to witness the spectacular sunrise and sunset. The tranquil lakes, beautiful temples, historic forts, and captivating landscape makes it a delightful destination.

Hurdle up, get the family together and set out to explore the wonders that Karnataka has in store for you. Cherish the beauty of its rich cultural diversity, natural and historic heritage and the delectable delicacies of the state.

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