Family Vacation In London

London is one of the most iconic cities in the world, and a family trip to London is a great way to connect with your kids and have a behind-the-scenes adventure. While everyone thinks they know London, they don’t. Many people are scared off from taking a family vacation in London because they think it will be expensive. The truth is everything in London is cheaper than New York City, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experience luxury. This travel guide for family vacation in London will show you how to make your trip unforgettable. Plus, you can use my step-by-step guide for booking an affordable family vacation in London using my discount codes for attractions and hotels!

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve updated and expanded my previous vacation guide to London. There’s more info than before about things like museum passes, a section about traveling with kids, and the unofficial Brexit Update (Brexit may actually affect travel!). Check it out if you need some helpful information before planning your big vacation!

Family Vacation In London

Many people have family vacations that usually involve going someplace warm, or staying home and enjoying their favorite tourist spots. Either way, it does not have to be boring for the entire family. There are many options for activities that even the youngest children and most seasoned adults will enjoy at once.

Planning a family trip to the United Kingdom and needing an itinerary for the best things to do with kids in London?  There are so many great activities for kids in London.

I am often asked, “How do I plan a trip to London with kids?”  Well, London is a big city, though it is actually quote manageable.  With a robust transportation system, and so many child-friendly activities, it is a great place to take kids.

If you are wondering how to plan a trip to London with kids, I have a great list of things to do in London.  After living there twice, once when I had three kids under four years old, my five days in London itinerary is full of family-friendly activities your kids will love!

Why Visit London With Kids

London is one of my absolute favorite cities in the world, and it is very kid-friendly.  You can also find some of the best family hotels in London to make your stay that much easier.

It is also fairly easy to navigate with its robust transportation system.  So, when visiting London with kids, it is easy to get around using an Oyster card on the London tube or bus system.

And, there are many FREE things to do in London with kids!

If you are visiting London with kids, you could certainly visit marquis attractions like Buckingham Palace or the London Eye, or spend days visiting one of the city’s incredible free museums (like the British MuseumNatural History Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum) if that is your cup of (British) tea.

Because of its history, you want to make sure your visit to London with children is educational as well as fun.

But, I actually have a few different ideas of London kids activities they will truly enjoy.

These are my suggestions for the best things to do with kids in London  (as someone who lived there with kids and visted London many times after!)    Your young globetrotters will LOVE this EPIC five days in London itinerary with some of our family’s favorite kids activities.

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The Ultimate Five Days In London Itinerary With Kids

London with children is definitely one of the best cities in Europe for your travel bucket list.  It is a big city, but it is easy to navigate and feels more mid-sized.  It is also the perfect introduction if it is a first trip to a new country.

There are so many things to do with kids in London, it is hard to narrow it down to five days.  But five days in London is long enough to see a lot in the city and get a very full family experience.

And, London with children is easy because lots of Londoners HAVE children and live in the city.  It is full of awesome neighborhoods. Rest assured if you are looking for the best area to stay in London with kids, you will find many choices close to kid-friendly activities.

Planning to spend three days in London or looking for an itinerary for four days in London? Or perhaps you plan to spend longer than five days in the majestic city?

You can use my five days in London itinerary to plan more or less depending on how much time you have.

Things To Do In London With Toddlers

Almost all of the items on my itinerary are definitely things to do in London with toddlers, though the Harry Potter Studio Tour might be a bit much.

If you want to swap something out in London for kids or if you have extra days in London with a tot under age five, there are plenty of great day trips from the city ideal for kids, especially if you are traveling to London with toddlers.

When we lived in London with children (our twin two-year-old toddlers and four-year-old son) our favorite day trips included Thomas Land at Drayton ManorLegoland in Windsor, and the beloved Peppa Pig World in Paulton’s Park.  These are a great alternative to do if you are in London with toddlers because they can stretch their legs, have some toddler fun and meet some of their favorite cartoon friends.  And the UK has some of the best theme parks in Europe.

But if you are planning to stay in central London, here is my tried and true favorite five days in London itinerary your kids will love!

Day 1 In London With Kids

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Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

As many families fly into London on the first day, and you may have jetlag, the first day is usually light. If you are unable to check into your accommodations right away, you can ask the hotel to store your luggage until the room is ready, which is what we usually do.

I recommend that for the jetlagged and travel-weary travelers enjoy an open top  Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour for the first thing on their first day in London.  It is a great way to kick-off your five days in London itinerary, and it is one of my favorite things to do in London with kids.

It is also a great thing to do in London with children if it is your first time or the one time to visit the city.  It is a good way to get acclimated to the city if it is the first thing you do.

On the tour, you can get great views of the city and see many of the major landmarks, such as the Tower of LondonPicadilly Circus, Westminster AbbyTower BridgeSt. Paul’s Cathedral and more.  Hop and hop off wherever you like or just enjoy the full ride.

You can book either a 24, 48, or 72-hour pass, so if you would like to spend more days than one touring around the city, you certainly can do so.


Did you know there are many completely FREE museums in London?  While you are using your open top Hop On Hop Off Bus experience, you can get off at these museums rather than using the underground or public bus (especially if you already have a ticket!) which will help you save money.  It’s also a great way to get an overview of the city and see iconic London landmarks like Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, Trafalgar Square, and the London Eye.

Princess Diana Memorial Playground In Kensington Gardens


If you are traveling with kids under the age of five, I highly recommend a visit to Princess Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens, South Kensington. This is absolutely, hands down, one of the best things to do in London with toddlers and kids love it.

It is a GREAT kids’ playground not to be missed.

Not only is it a great place for little ones to stretch their legs, but this wonderland themed after Peter Pan has plenty of climbing structures and interactive activities to keep the little ones busy.

From the large pirate ship in the center, mini log houses, teepees, a sensory trail, sand, slides, and musical instruments, it is a special place that honors the late Princess Diana while catering to younger children. It is one of the best FREE things to do in London with kids!

London Transport Museum

I also recommend on the first day a visit to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden.  The best thing is that this wonderful gem is FREE for children under age 17, where kids can discover London’s iconic transportation and its history.  And, it is full of free activities kids love.

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