Family Vacation On A Budget Zion

Every family wants to have a wholesome and memorable vacation, but many don’t have the money for it. It is not easy to save for a vacation if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck. However, it is still possible with a little prior planning and preparation. If you are planning a trip to Zion in 2008 or 2009 and are on a budget, this article will give you some tips on how to spend the least amount of money on your vacation. Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful National Parks in America. The park is open all year long, but spring and fall are the best times to visit Zion as these are the best times of year for photography.

Do you want to explore Zion National Park but dread the thought of paying through the nose at a hotel? There are still ways to visit Zion National Park and keep your budget lean. Here are 4 things you should do before your vacation if you want to save money on a trip Zion. Are you looking for an affordable family getaway? Zion National Park is a truly unforgettable vacation destination. More than just another national park, it is one of the most breathtaking places in the world!

Family Vacation On A Budget Zion

The best way to get your kids excited about taking a vacation is to plan one that they’ll enjoy! By being organized in the planning stages and putting just a little bit of thought into what will make them happy, you’ll be able to enjoy your family vacation together at a price that won’t break the bank! And hey, if your kids are on board with taking a vacation, chances are they’re going to be more willing to listen when you tell them “no” as well! Family vacations are important and allow us to spend a lot of quality time together. However, it’s not always possible to take the whole family on vacation. Sometimes the kids are at camp in another state, someone has work, or other family members can’t get away from their jobs and families. Fortunately, there are ways to have everyone in the family still experience a vacation together. Press Tab to write more…

Shuttle Buses: Getting Around Zion National Park

If you visit Zion National Park between spring and fall, you will not be allowed to bring your car into the park due to congestion issues. There is a small parking lot near the Zion National Park Visitor Center, but it typically fills up prior to 8am.

If you are not an early enough riser to get a coveted Zion parking spot, there are two free Zion shuttle services which will get you around during your stay:

Angels Landing was not on our list of things to do in Zion with our family, but one parent hiked it solo, while the other went on kid-friendly Zion hikes
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Springdale Shuttle

The first shuttle service to be aware of is the one which moves visitors from the town of Springdale to/from the gates of the Zion National Park. There are nine stops on the Springdale to Zion shuttle route, starting at the Majestic View Lodge (stop 9).

It may sound great to stay as close to the Zion national park gates as possible, but we were there in mid-April and we stayed at the Zion Canyon Campground and RV Resort near stop 3. We found that more often than not the Springdale shuttle buses were already completely full when they reached our stop and we couldn’t get on.

Luckily, it was only a 15 minute walk from our Springdale campground to Zion National Park, so most mornings we skipped the Springdale shuttle and walked to Zion. If you plan on staying in Springdale and taking the shuttle to Zion, we recommend staying in the south-half of town, to give you a better chance of getting a seat on the shuttle. See our family-friendly Springdale hotel recommendations below.

The Lower Emerald Pool is one of the best family friendly zion hikes

Zion National Park Shuttle

Once you have paid to get into Zion National Park, your next step is to hop on the Zion shuttle bus. There are 9 stops on the Zion shuttle bus route, beginning at the Zion Visitor Center and ending at the Temple of Sinawava (stop 9). It takes approximately 45 minutes to take the Zion National Park shuttle from the Visitor Centre all the way to the end.

Keep your eyes peeled while on the Zion shuttle bus as it’s a great opportunity to see some of Zion’s wildlife, such as deer and wild turkeys.

We visited Zion with kids in mid-April and the wait for the shuttle was never more than 10 minutes. During spring break and the summer months, the wait for the Zion National Park shuttle bus can exceed an hour, so do yourself a favor and get to the park as early as possible, or enjoy one of the kid-friendly hikes which depart from the Visitor Center.

the zion national park shuttle loading queue at the Visitor Center

Zion National Park Map

Things to do in Zion National Park with Kids

The watchman trail is a challenging, but doable kid-friendly hike in zion national park

We came to Zion National Park with kids to do what we love most: family hiking. We spent most of our days exploring all the corners of the park while enjoying the best of the kid-friendly Zion hikes.

Based on our experiences, here are our favorite Zion National Park hikes:

Watchman Trail with Kids

Are you tired of the huge Zion shuttle bus lines? Enjoy a good laugh as you walk right on past the Zion shuttle lineup on your way to the Watchman Trail, one of our favorite kid-friendly Zion National Park hikes.

The Watchman Trail conveniently begins at the Visitor Center, follows the Virgin River for a while, before ascending one of the canyon walls to a plateau where you will enjoy outstanding views of the Zion Canyon below.

The plateau on the Watchman Trail is one of the best spots in Zion to see a majestic California Condor, the largest flying land bird in North America.

It’s a bit of work, but anyone in decent shape ought to be able to hike the Watchman Trail.CONTINUE READING

Lower Emerald Pool Trail with Kids

Looking for a place to escape the heat in Zion National Park? Hiking the Lower Emerald Pool Trail with your kids is a great choice.

This slightly uphill, paved path runs through a dense patch of forest, providing a decent amount of shade throughout your walk.

But the best part of the Lower Emerald Pool hike is the chance to walk behind a waterfall! Kids of all ages will love this unique family hike in Zion; walking through the mist of the waterfall is so fun and refreshing on a hot Utah day.

Once behind the Lower Emerald Pool waterfall, you can stop and enjoy the cooler temperatures and take in the beautiful scenery, which includes some of Zion’s famous hanging gardens.CONTINUE READING

Pa’rus Trail with Kids

The Pa’rus trail is a super easy, kid-friendly Zion hike which also departs from the Zion National Park Visitor Center. This gives you an alternate choice if you’d prefer not to wait in line for the Zion shuttle bus.

The easy, paved Pa’rus trail runs north/south along the center of the canyon floor offering up some of the best views of Zion Canyon you’ll see during your visit. Keep an eye on the sky and you may be rewarded with a glimpse of a majestic California Condor riding thermals high above the canyon.

This is a multi-use Zion National Park trail, which means bikes and dogs are also allowed. The Pa’rus trail is a fun and easy bike trail in Zion for kids.CONTINUE READING

Riverside Walk with Kids

The scenery within the Riverside Walk is worth the long ride to the last Zion shuttle stop within the park.

The Riverside Walk is an easy kid-friendly hike through a narrow canyon with towering walls rising overhead. The walk through the canyon would be worth it by itself, but the Riverside Walk also features waterfalls and hanging gardens.

This easy Zion hike is the feeder trail to the famous The Narrows Zion hike; where most people stop and turn around, those hiking the Narrows will walk into the water and continue upstream for their adventure.

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