Family Vacation On Spanish

If you’d like to explore the Spanish culture, then you should certainly consider checking out the vacation spots in Spain. With more than two thousand years of cultural heritage, this country is one of the most diverse in Europe, perhaps even the world. Take a quick tour through the beautiful Spanish cities and their attractions, from historical monuments to natural beauty .

Leaving the house stressed me out. I’ve always been a homebody, preferring to spend my time reading and watching television. But it was a good thing that we decided to take a vacation this summer as my wife and kids have never been more excited. On the first day of our trip to Spain, we visited the Sagrada Familia- Gothic church designed by architect Antoni Gaudi. We spent four hours admiring how intricate the structure of the church is. Between its towers, mosaics and parabolic arches, you would think it’s the biggest tourist trap in Barcelona. However, Sagrada Familia is actually an unfinished church- that’s right, Antoni Gaudi was only able to build his dream for almost 40 years until he passed. His successors are currently trying their best to finish the project although I personally could not see how they will be able to come up with additional elements that will top what Gaudi has achieved

Family Vacation On Spanish

The Spanish people consider themselves to be “people of the sea” because of the country’s long coastline and its deep harbor cities. Naturally, one could say that they love to vacation on the ocean and all around it. If you have ever been to Spain, you probably know that there is a beach in nearly every city (except Madrid). Whether it is because of their odd-sounding language, their culture or the burning sun, Spaniards have been flocking to seaside towns since time immemorial. Press Tab to write more…

The Best Family Vacations in Spain – Costa Brava, Costa Dorada & Costa Verde

Last updated on: July 31, 2022 by Sanne Wesselman

Costa Brava for the best family vacations in Spain

Finding a destination that keeps everyone happy for a family vacation in Spain can be a complicated task.

What are the best places in Spain for families?

Spain has a lot to offer. With beautiful beaches, countless activities, good food, culture and incredible nature Spain is a great travel destination for a family vacation.

I have been traveling to Spain (and on and off living in Spain) for 15 years now. I have been lucky enough to see a lot of this diverse country and meet a wide range of Spanish people.

Because of its size and diverse offering, Spain really is a suitable country for any type of traveler. But, because it is such an easy country to travel in and offers a lot of facilities for families, it is especially suitable for family travel.

In this article I want to share with you three popular and beautiful coastal regions that hold some of the best places in Spain for families: Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, and Costa Verde.

All three regions offer great options for a family vacation in Spain, so let me share something about each of these.

3 Regions for a Family Vacation in Spain

3 Coastal regions for the best family vacation in Spain
3 Great Regions For a Family Vacation in Spain

1. The Best of The Costa Brava

family vacation in Spain on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is located in northeastern Spain, in the province of Girona. It is well-known for the many resort towns such as Lloret de Mar and Blanes.

Apart from those resort towns though there are also many hidden gems on the Costa Brava. Charming seaside towns, typical fishing villages, impressive cliffs, diverse beaches, and quaint coves.

The Costa Brava is a diverse and beautiful region with a very rich history.

The area boasts significant ruins, dating back to Roman, Greek and even Palaeolithic times. Additionally, there are many medieval villages and castles on the Costa Brava.

The Costa Brava has long been a popular destination for family vacations to Spain and as a result offers great facilities for family travel.

A Selection of Towns Worth Visiting on the Costa Brava:

Roses, a historic town dating back to the 8th century BC, with a notable seafaring tradition. Roses is the only coastal town on the Costa Brava that faces west, which means it offers great sunsets.

Pals, a medieval town on top of a hill, overlooking its main city beach, Platja de Pals. It is not as well-known as most beach resorts but with its pretty cobbled streets, craft shops and traditional bars and restaurants it is a lovely place to visit.

Begur, a medieval village with cobbled streets and whitewashed houses located below the ruins of a stone castle.

Begur is great for water sports such as snorkeling and kayaking, thanks to its many coves and its proximity to the Medes Islands, which are a marine reserve and a popular location for scuba diving.

Calella de Palafrugell, an attractive fishing village with beautiful whitewashed houses and narrow streets.

It is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages on the entire Mediterranean, offering rocky coves, sandy beaches, and excellent fish restaurants.

Tossa de Mar, a cute town with cobbled streets, constructed around an impressive medieval castle. The surrounding countryside with its valleys and rivers is a great place to hike and cycle and the city beach is perfect for a day of relaxing with the family.

Blanes, one of the most popular seaside resorts on the Costa Brava. It still retains its original charm though. Its harbor, sandy bays and small rocky coves, historical buildings and the botanical gardens are well worth checking out.

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Costa Brava’s Best Beaches

Costa Brava's many child friendly beaches makes it perfect for a family vacation to Spain
Costa Brava’s many child-friendly beaches makes it perfect for a family vacation to Spain

The Costa Brava’s coastline is almost 300 kilometers (186 miles) long and very varied, with wide bays, small coves, and high cliffs.

Whether you are looking for a beautiful stretch of golden sand or a tiny, hidden cove, you can find it here.

The whitewashed town of Tamariu boasts one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Costa Brava: Platja de Tamariu. It has great water sports facilities and connects to several smaller coves.

The village of Cadaqués is home to the Cap de Creus Nature Reserve which forms a series of beautiful, unspoilt coves.

Or, check out Empuriabrava, which offers some of the Costa Brava’s widest and longest beaches with excellent facilities.

La Cala del Golfet, in Calella de Palafrugell, is another stunning beach worth visiting.

But there are so many beautiful beaches that it is impossible for me to choose a favorite. I therefore highly recommend exploring as many different beaches as you can if you decide to take your family vacation in Spain to the Costa Brava!

Costa Brava’s Food

The Costa Brava is well known for its cuisine and boasts a surprising number of really high quality restaurants (including one of the best restaurants in the world).

Costa Brava’s cuisine mainly consists of fish and seafood, olives, fresh vegetables, pasta, rice, and olive oil. But, since the north of the Costa Brava is close to the Pyrenees, there are also excellent meat and game dishes.

And, being such a popular tourist destination, you can find many international dishes here as well and enough variety to keep everyone in the family happy.

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