Farewell Party Places In Karachi

Farewell parties are the special occasions in our lives. We celebrate these events with a lot of joy and happiness. In these parties we meet our family friends and relatives and express our feelings for them. This get togethers held in the farewell parties helps us to keep the links of friendship and relationships from your previous life. That’s why when we are leaving from any city to another city, it’s very important to choose a best farewell party place in Karachi where you can have fun with your lovely family members. This event is often held after the official farewell ceremony so that you can enjoy with them on your last night in their city.

By, Farewell is a nice party event that many people are happy with. Have you decided to have this event in Karachi? Actually, There are number of places is also available in Lahore that can be a good choice for this event. But basis your ideas I will follow some places in Karachi which can be great for this type of event. You have decided. You are going to be the one organizing the farewell party for a friend, colleague or a colleague of your colleague who has given their notice and is leaving the company. But you aren’t sure where to do it? Don’t worry; we’re here to help

Farewell Party Places In Karachi

So, a friend or a family relative is going abroad? Good for him / her – but don’t make the mistake of calling the whole affair off, just because the party-goer is leaving town. You should still throw a party! You just need to shift gears – your goodbyes can still be both of good cheer and great fun.


Arena is Karachi’s one-stop shop for a bunch of fun indoor activities which include ice skating, rock climbing, bowling, arcade gaming, miniature golf and pool/snooker. There are food options at their restaurant-cum-cafe to satiate those hunger pangs that are likely to show up after a rigorous session of climbing and skating. Additionally, if all this wasn’t enough to excite they also offer the strategic and thrilling game of paintball to release your stress. So if you have a group with you, you could also get vicious at the colorful battle.

Arena, Karsaz Rd, Karachi, Pakistan, +92 21 99245251

ice skating

Ice skating | © EmaarEntertainment/WikiCommons


Located inside Ocean Mall is a jumpy trampoline park that will leave you in laughter and high on all the happy hormones. You will experience a night of joy here as you defy gravity and spring up in the air. They have a free jumping arena, a foam pit and an exciting basketball area. Bounce is a place where fun and fitness coincides as the jumping is said to create lots of muscle movement in the body. Afterwards you can grab delicious meals at some of the best restaurants at the mall, such as the Kolachi Restaurant.

Bounce, Ocean Mall، Khayaban-e-Iqbal Underpass, Karachi, Pakistan, +92 21 35166562

trampoline park

Trampoline Park | © Clintus/Flickr


For all the board game enthusiasts out there Pi-Social is what dreams are made of. With over a 100 games to choose from while sipping on a warm cup of coffee, this cafe is great for a chilled night out with family or friends without ever being boring. Pick a game, make a team or play against the bar server to compete for a free drink. One entry ticket gets you unlimited access to try out the board games along with a free beverage from their special list.

Pi-Social, F-79, 3rd Ave, Karachi, Pakistan, +92 21 38885769

board game coffee

A board game lounge | © EsaRiutta/Pixabay

Westeros Dhaba, Karachi

It isn’t possible these days to be a citizen in Karachi and not ‘hang out’ or have tea at a Dhaba. Dhabas are roadside tea establishments that serve tea and other hot and cold beverages, along with different types of breads and sometimes even fast food. In recent years many vibrant and ‘new agey’ Dhabas have popped up around the city that are based on unique themes like Bob Marley, truck art, the local movie industry and Game of Thrones, which has inspired the creation on Westeros. However, what sets them apart from the strict competition is their menu. They are a modern day dhaba with a GoT twist, offering dragon stone oven baked pizzas, dragon balls and fire and chocolate brownies.

Westeros, Plot 29-C, Bukhari Commercial Lane 4, Phase VI, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan

Boating and dinner at Port Grand

Karachi is blessed with a vast shoreline and it’s a must to make the most of it. If a nighttime swim at devil’s point under the full moon at 12 am is a bit too wild you can perhaps explore the waters through a boating expedition from Port Grand. The port offers a boat ride around the mangroves that line the Karachi coast, a speed boat ride and a special floating party deck when you have something special to celebrate. There is also an art lane at this sea-facing hub, where various artworks are displayed in an indoor plus outdoor gallery space. There is also a night bazar and many weekend attractions like magic shows, musical and dance performances and fire shows. Lastly, their wide array of restaurants are also worth checking out.

Port Grand, Road Opposite PNSC buliding, Port Grand Food Street, Karachi, Pakistan, +92 21 35863826

port grand

Port Grand | © Obaid747/WikiCommons

Seaview’s activities and sunset

Karachiites need not look any further for some simple innocent fun than Seaview, aka Clifton Beach. The long shoreline of the beach is a sight to behold, unlike any other during sunsets as the sky is painted in hues of yellow, orange, pink and purple under the magical sight of the sun sinking in the Arabian sea. Along with the majestic view come activities like horse and camel rides, buggy rounds and flying lit-up plastic kites. A simple barefoot walk with good conversation while biting on some roasted corn sprinkled with Karachi-style lemon and chilli dressing is in itself a lovely and unique experience.

Seaview Beach, Sea View Rd, Karachi, Pakistan


Sunset, horse and the beach at Sea View, Karachi | © Ahmedali532/WikiCommons

Stars Club

If you are movie buff you will definitely enjoy hanging out at the Stars Club opposite Metropole Hotel Karachi. The recently opened cultural club/restaurant/art hub is themed on the Pakistani entertainment industry and provides a platform for musicians, artists and poets to perform. They also screen local movies and music on their big screen and have a recording studio space for musicians and singers. Their beverages are named after local Pakistani artists, the stage and screen allows only content by local artists to be shared and their movie-themed menu is also named after local art and artisans. All in all, it’s a perfect spot to get in touch with Pakistan’s entertainment industry in a unique way.

Stars Club, Shop# CL-51,, Edward House, formerly known as cafe grand, Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan, +92 344 1078277

Karaoke at Base Rock Cafe

Music Venue


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Karaoke club

Karaoke club | © 松岡明芳/WikiCommons

Rock music lovers and fans of karaoke can head to one of the only places of its kind in Karachi. Located underground, Base Rock is one of the oldest and best places for open mic nights, performances and recording music because of its location’s acoustic benefits. They also provide drinks and snacks. Go there for the karaoke and stay for the performances that will be alternately taking place to serenade the audiences.

The Grid Club

The Grid Club is a special place tucked away in a small street in the Defense area and it seeks to create a safe haven for artists and art lovers of all kinds. There is a library, performance stage, art walls, and some games. The colorful, unconventional and comforting atmosphere was created to help artists launch, network and grow the horizons of their careers. While enjoying music and art you can also devour chicken parathas with some delicious chai.

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