Farewell Party Places In Mumbai

Hosting a party can be a genuine challenge, especially if you’re looking to throw a farewell party. You want it to be memorable of course and, at the same time, not steal too much attention away from the person who’s leaving. If this describes your situation, then here are some of the best party places in Mumbai you can pick. When it comes to celebrating any occasion, the color of it must be so vibrant and bright. There will always be lots of excitement amongst the people who are invited for that party. And as it is said, every celebration is incomplete if there will not be food in it. So here are some best Party places in Mumbai from where you can order your favourite dishes which would make your party more special and memorable.

Blackberry, Ginger ale and plenty of snacks — or so you had in mind, but your friend’s ‘do-anything-for-a-laugh’ brother, who has turned up for the party, won’t let you have all this. At least if he is going to be around. In fact, his ideas of a great farewell bash that will be forever etched in your memory is something you might regret even thinking about. But then, given a chance to express yourself with him around, all you need to do is check out the ways to enjoy the party with him around! Farewell parties are not just held for new entrants but can be held for colleagues who leave a company on good terms. There are certain times when your team may feel the need to say good bye to someone and you will require a place where you can throw such farewell parties.

Farewell Party Places In Mumbai

2 Best Bachelor Party Destinations In India

Experience some craziness with your friends in bachelor party as this is an extraordinary time to indulge in some of the mind blowing things. Take a look at these selected places in India to celebrate your bachelor’s party with your gang and enjoy some of the last moments of your single hood. Here is a list of best bachelor’s party destinations in India:

  • Goa: The Official Party Capital Of India
  • Mumbai: Dance The Night Away

1. Goa: The Official Party Capital Of India

goa party

Goa has long been known as the party capital of India. Beaches, nature, nightlife, booze, and a whole lot of crazy fun aptly describes its scene, thus, making it one of the best bachelor party destinations in South India. So, if you and your BFF’s want to have that one last epic party before your friend says goodbye to singlehood – leave the world behind and come to Goa!

Ideal for: People who either want to relax, drink and have a good time at a luxury villa or who want to bring the roof down and party like there is no tomorrow. Either way, it’s a win-win situation for all.

When to plan: The best time to plan a bachelor party in Goa is from November to February since the weather during this season is cool and one can roam without the fear of too much heat.

Ideal Duration: 3 days

Things to do:

  • Underwater party at the Grand Island
  • Take a long drive in a luxury limo (just like the movies!)
  • Chill on a Catamaran Cruise
  • Party, Party, & more Party (Goa is filled with awesome pubs, discotheques, and casinos)

Famous Clubs & Bars: LPK Waterfront Club, Sinq Night Club, Cape Town Cafe

Best Place to stay in Goa: MAYFAIR Hideaway Spa Resort (Starts from INR 6500 per night)

Budget: INR 33,500 (Flights + Accommodation + Miscellaneous expenses)

How to reach: By air or railway. The place is well-connetcted to all the major cities of Inida. 

Best restaurants: The Black Sheep Bistro, Copperleaf Restaurant

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2. Mumbai: Dance The Night Away

nightlife in Mumbai

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Being christened with the title of the second most populated city in the world, it does not come as a surprise that the core part of Mumbai is filled with party animals, and is therefore amongst the top bachelor trip destinations in India. From peppy Bollywood numbers to psychedelic trance, and from deep house music to live band performance, Aamchi Mumbai is the best place to dance the night away. EDM lovers are going to love it for sure!

Ideal For: People who like to burn the dancefloor and groove all night.

When to plan: Mumbai is a year-round destination. Though monsoons are preferred the most over any other season, you can plan your bachelor party in winters too which is from November to February.

Ideal Duration: 3 days

Things to do:

  • Chill with your best buds in a party boat
  • Go bar-hopping at a minimum of 4 to 5 bars

Famous Clubs & Bars: Blue Frog, Tryst, Alibi, Royalty, and Trilogy

Best Place to stay in Mumbai: The Leela Mumbai (Starts from INR 8,500 per night)

Budget: INR 50,000 (Flights + Accommodation + Miscellaneous expenses)

How to reach: Being the finance capital of India, Mumbai is well-connected to all the other parts of the coutry. You can select your mode according to your budget and comfort!

Best restaurants: The Table, The Bombay Canteen

Please NoteThe budget for each destination in this “places for bachelor party in India” list includes flights from Delhi (if any), accommodation for the number of nights, and miscellaneous expenses (ie. INR 6000).

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2 Offbeat Bachelor Party Destinations In India

Looking for unsual places for bachelor’s party? Check out this list of offebeat places in India where you can have some amazing moments with your gang. 

  • Leh-Ladakh: A Trip To Freedom
  • Ziro Valley: The Neverland

3. Leh-Ladakh: A Trip To Freedom

bachelor trip to leh ladakh with friends

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Ever since the movie “3 Idiots”, Leh Ladakh has been one of the most sought after destinations for the Indian traveler. Arguably the best place for bachelor trip in India, Leh Ladakh is one destination where you and your friends will have a grand time enjoying the beauty of mountains and indulging in some much needed booze and snacks.

Ideal for: The adventure kind. People who want to taste the thrill of mountains and experience a surreal sense of freedom one last time before their big day.

When to plan: Best time to visit Leh Ladakh is during the summers (April – June). The weather during this time is pleasant making it perfect for sightseeing. The mountains, however, remain snow clad and the lakes, frozen, making it one of the most beautiful places for bachelors in India.

Ideal Duration: 4 – 5 days

Things to do:

  • Visit Pangong Tso Lake and Tso Moriri Lake which are two of the most beautiful lakes you will ever see in your life.
  • Visit Nubra Valley which is a spectacular desert among the snowy hills.
  • Khardung La – the highest civilian road in the world
  • Camp under the stars

Famous Clubs & Bars: N/A

Best Place to stay in Ladakh: The Zen Ladakh (Starts from INR 9,000 per night)

Budget: INR 45,000 (Flights + Accommodation + Miscellaneous expenses)

How to reach: You can take a flight to Leh from Delhi or Mumbai or board a connecting flight.

Best restaurants: Leh Zakhang, The Tibetan Kitchen

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4. Ziro Valley: The Neverland

bachelor party in ziro valley northeast

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Far away in Arunachal Pradesh lies a valley called Ziro Valley and all those who have been there, describe it as heavenly and one of the best places for bachelor party in India. And this is exactly the place, where you and your friends can go on a bachelor trip. Host to one of the most famous music festivals in India, the Ziro Music Fesitval (September) will give you one of a kind experience and that is why it is one of the coolest and best places for bachelor party in India. Go for it because you deserve the fun!

Ideal For: If you are looking to actually spend time with friends, then Ziro is the best. Be there with friends on expeditions, nature walks and sightseeing.

When to plan: If you visit Ziro valley during March to October, then it would be the best time. Either way, the weather is pleasant throughout the year. Make sure to do a rain check before planning your trip.

Ideal Duration: 3 – 5 days

Things to do:

  • Trekking, picnics, & a whole lot of fun!
  • Camping under the stars
  • Attend music festival, drink beer, and simply chill

Famous Clubs & Bars: N/A

Best place to stay in Ziro Valley: Pratigya Ziro Valley Resort, Ziro (Starts from 1,500 per night)

Budget: INR 30,000 (Flights + Accommodation + Miscellaneous expenses)

How to reach: The nearest airport to Ziro Valley is Johrat which is located at a distance of 98 kilometres. Ziro railway station is well-connected to the other parts of the country. 

Best restaurants: New Dillo Resort, Kitchen Ziro

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3 Best Bachelor Party Destinations In North India

Are you all nature lovers and want to resort in the lap of nature for a bachelor party. No problem, here is readymade list of best bachelor party places in India.

  • Kasol: Getting High On Nature
  • Jaisalmer: The Sands Of Time
  • Rishikesh: Where Fun Never Ends

5. Kasol: Getting High On Nature

Bachelor party in Kasol with friends

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One of the best bachelor party destinations near Delhi, Kasol is perfect for those who want to get high on nature (if you know what we mean). Up in the hills and near the famous picturesque Parvati Valley, Kasol is a heaven for people who want to have a good time surrounded by peace, best friends, and the good vibe of nature.

Ideal for: Lovers of peace, mountains, and all things fine.

When to plan: The best time to visit Kasol for a bachelor party would be from October to June since the weather during this time is pleasant. If you want to explore the best of wildness and nature, then you should plan your trip from March to May.

Ideal Duration: 3 days

Things to do:

Famous Clubs & Bars: Panjtara Bar & Grill, Van Vihar, Panj Tara Bar & Grill

Best place to stay in Kasol: Parvati Kuteer (Starts from INR 4,000 per night)

Budget: INR 30,000 (Flights + Accommodation + Miscellaneous expenses)

How to reach: If you are heading to Kasol from North India then bus is the best way to reach here. The nearest railway station is Joginder Nagar railway station which is located at a distance of 144 kilometers.  

Best restaurants: The Evergreen, Little Italy

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6. Jaisalmer: The Sands Of Time

bachelor party in jaisalmer with friends

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Unlike a regular camping experience in the hills, camping in Jaisalmer is all about luxury and fun times. It is one of the best places to visit for bachelors in India where you and your buddies can chill without any worries and in the comforts of a luxury air conditioned tent. PS – it feels great sipping cold beer with your buddies in the company of sun and sands.

Ideal for: People who want isolated luxurious party experience.

When to plan: Winter season (November to March) is the ideal time to visit Jaisalmer since it will allow you to do sightseeing and outdoor activities like desert safari, camel ride in the pleasant weather.

Ideal duration: 2 days 

Things to do:

  • Sightseeing – Jaisalmer Fort, Tilon Ki Pol Gadisar Lake, Patwon Ki Haveli, and much more.
  • Desert Activities
  • Luxury camping

Famous Clubs & Bars: Hoorar House, Jaisal Club, Hidden Lookout

Best Place to stay in Jaisalmer: Damodara Desert Camp (Starts from INR 3,000 per night)

Budget: INR 27,000 (Flights + Accommodation + Miscellaneous expenses)

How to reach: The nearest airport to Jaisalmer is Jodhpur which is locatedat a distance of 300 kilometers. However, Jailsalmer railway station is well-connected to all the major cities of the country. 

Best restaurants: Restaurant Romany Jaisalmer, Gaji’s Restaurant

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7. Rishikesh: Where Fun Never Ends

bachelor party fun in rishikesh

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Considered to be an adventurous option when it comes to best places for bachelor party in India, Rishikesh is one destination that is loved by all majorly because of its river rafting delight. Trekking, rafting, bungee jumping, and more – feel the adrenaline rush with your friends here and make memories of a lifetime. Also, drinking a pint of beer by the riverside isn’t that bad, right? 

Ideal for: For the adrenaline junkies.

When to plan: To experience maximum possible adventure, the best time to visit Rishikesh is from March to April and late September to November.

Ideal Duration: 2 days

Things to do:

  • Enjoy adventure sports 
  • Go for trekking in the hills
  • Take a boat ride 

Famous Clubs & Bars: Nightout Adventure, Hrikesh Raj

Best Place to stay: Ganga Kinare – A Riverside Boutique Hotel (Starts from INR 4,100 per night)

Budget: INR 15,000 (Flights + Accommodation + Miscellaneous expenses)

How to reach: Jolly Grant airport in Dehradun is the nearest airport to Rishikesh. However, if you are traveling from North India, then road journey is the best way to reach here. 

Best restaurants: The Sitting Elephant, Bistro Nirvana

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 4 Best Bachelor Party Destinations In South India

These party places in the southernmost point of India will not disappoint you as there are many hidden gems to explore with your gang. 

  • Puducherry: Where The Ocean Meets The Mind
  • Gokarna: The Beach Hub
  • Bangalore: The Forever-Young City
  • Andaman: The Marvels Of Nature

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