Few Lines On Summer Vacation For Class 2

Student looks outside and sees the sun. A boy hears his mother shouting to get ready for school. Children play in the rain or with friends. These are some images which a child might see and enjoy on summer vacation. Summer vacation is a great time for children to refresh their minds. Today, I’m going to tell you how you can make your child’s summer vacations memorable and interesting.

Summer is the time when students lie on the beach, pool or garden and lead a healthy life. It helps to develop certain habits like getting up early, eating healthy food and staying away from alcohol and smoking. But most importantly the student should read more books because reading is key to success in life.

This vacation, we decided to go to New York. We were interested in visiting America and seeing its most famous city. My wife had been there on a previous trip but I hadn’t. It would be the first time for both of us travelling with our baby daughter Ravina who is just 2 years old. Before we left for our trip, my daughter learned some new things like counting from 1 to 5, recognizing different shapes and colours, matching letters with their respective alphabets and rhyming words like cat, hat and sat. She also learnt about all 50 US States as well as their capitals.

Few Lines On Summer Vacation For Class 2

10 Lines on Summer Vacation

10 Lines on Summer Vacation for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 | summer vacations are very special for the students. Every student wants to live this moment to the fullest. Everyone makes plans to go somewhere with their family and friends, while some students try to learn something new by staying at home. We have given 3 examples according to students. Let’s know about 10 line summer vacation.

Set (1) 10 Lines on Summer Vacation

1. We all love summer vacation.

2. There is no burden of study during this time.

3. Summer vacations are the happiest days.

4. In summer vacation we go to play in the morning and evening.

5. I play cricket with my brother every day.

6. In the evening I go for a walk with my Grandfather.

7. I will learn new things during this summer vacation.

8. In summer vacations, I will exercise daily.

9. During this time I will increase my general knowledge.

10. I will try to get a computer education this summer vacation.

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Set (2) 10 Lines on Summer Vacation

1. Summer vacation is the happiest moment of a student’s life.

2. Summer vacations bring a lot of happiness to me every year.

3. This year, I finished my school summer vacation homework earlier.

4. My family decided to go to the village this time.

5. We went to visit my lovely grandparents in my village.

6. We went to the farm during the summer vacations.

7. During vacation went to visit the historical places around the village.

8. I took some memorable pictures and kept them with me.

9. It was one of the best summer vacations of my life.

10. I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer vacation this year.

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Set (3) 10 Lines on Summer Vacation

1. The time of summer vacation is full of happiness and joy in the life of the student.

2. It starts from the month of May every year and ends at the end of the month of June.

3. The summer vacations come after the annual examination is over, which the student gets to enjoy.

4. All the students are looking forward to summer vacations and playing their favorite sports during these vacations.

5. Summer vacations are the happiest moments. These days we go to play in the morning and evening.

6. During these, students enjoy the vacations by visiting their relatives, then they do some types of tours.

7. Summer vacations are a relief for the student from the hustle and bustle of school work and studies.

8. During the summer vacations, students pursue their hobbies, such as dancing, gardening, painting, drawing, sewing, etc.

9. Some students prefer to stay at home during summer vacations and enjoy the holiday.

10. Summer vacation is the most comfortable time for a student to take a break from school and work.


Q&A. 10 Lines on Summer Vacation

How I spent my summer vacation at home?

Answer – There are many ways to spend a holiday at home but this time I spent my summer vacation with my family. I learned outdoor gardening with my dad and planted a lot of trees. Learned to do homework with my mother like cooking some food, making tea, etc. This summer vacation was one of my most memorable vacations.

What months are summer vacations?

Answer – Summer vacation is from May to June. During this, there is more heat and diseases also spread more, due to the high heat, the school is given leave for two months.

How do you spend your summer vacation?

Answer – Every year we like to go to the snow-capped hills to spend the summer holidays. The cold weather there is very tempting and the snow-capped hills are very beautiful, seeing that mind jumped with joy.

How can I enjoy a vacation at home?

Answer- We can play at home with our family members to enjoy the holiday at home. You can learn some new things from your elders. It is easy to make new books like your friend, after reading knowledge will increase. You can invite your friends to play at your home.


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