First Birthday Party Places In Las Vegas

In the United States, everyone knows that Las Vegas is one of the top vacation spots. This is because anyone who likes to gamble, if they don’t live in Las Vegas, they will come here to do it. There are many dining spots and activities they can partake in while they are here, but I am going to focus on another one of those places. They may not even know about it. It’s called Party Places in Las Vegas. They have numerous buildings spread over a pretty large area with each building being a different theme for any party you want to have!

Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist locations. The city has plenty of hotels, casinos, shops, and restaurants to keep any visitor occupied for a long time. However if you are planning a day trip or your first visit to Las Vegas with your little one, there are some parties that could be just what you need.

Best Kids Birthday Party Places in Las Vegas for 2022

Your child’s birthday party is that special time of year when you get to celebrate another turn around the globe; family, friends and loved ones gather together to share gifts, eat cake, and of course, have plenty of fun.

First Birthday Party Places In Las Vegas

If you’re looking for Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas, you’re in luck: there are plenty of great birthday party places in the city that will leave you, your child and every single guest enjoying themselves for the duration of the event and even afterwards.

There are many different options when it comes to Las Vegas kid’s birthday parties—from shows to play places to unique experiments and more.

It’s thanks to all this Las Vegas variety that Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas have the potential to be fun, exciting, unique—and definitely memorable.

If you’re ready to find out more about the very best places to have Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas, consider the following guide to the very best places for kid’s birthday parties in Las Vegas.

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Kids Birthday Party Places in Las Vegas

The following are some of the most notable Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas.

The hours on each venue may vary from what is on the official website—if you are unsure about the hours; contact the company to confirm whether or not they will be open.

1- King Putt Miniature Golf

King Putt Miniature Golf - Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas

Best Price

Some of the best Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas have been thrown at King Putt Miniature Golf and your child will definitely love this exciting and vibrant indoor golf venue.

Birthday parties thrown here include packages that have options for hiring professional magicians, packages that include a private party room with set-up and clean up included in the cost, along with a complimentary round of glow in the dark golf.

Kids will love the glow in the dark golf and the ability to retreat to a party room for snacks and down time in between games.

2- Jumpers Jungle

Jumpers Jungle - Kid birthday party in Las Vegas

Best Price

This fun and exciting option for Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas is perfect for children from toddler age all the way up to about 10 years old at the most.

This venue features a ton of bounce houses and bounce equipment that will leave your child jumping–and leaping!–for joy.

Jumpers Jungle does offer a party room for guests; the party room includes decorations as well as seating for the family and the friends.

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3- Red Rock Climbing Center

Red Rock Climbing Center - Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas

Best Price

If your child’s idea of a great Kid birthday party in Las Vegas involves promises of adventure and excitement, then you can do little better than Red Rock Climbing Center.

Kids will love the different rock climbing walls, available for a variety of skills and experience levels. This rock climbing center even features birthday party packages, which include a party room with an assistant and 2 hours of climbing time.

All food must be brought in separately as there is no food served or sold on site.

4- Bonnie Springs Ranch

Bonnie Springs Ranch - Kids birthday parties in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a less traditional Kid birthday party in Las Vegas, then Bonnie Springs Ranch is a great option.

The site doesn’t offer birthday party packages and you can’t host parties on site, but it’s the perfect place to take your birthday child and their friends for an exciting family-friendly adventure.

The activities at Bonnie Springs ranch include horseback riding, train rides, and a Wild West show. This is a great option for small birthday parties, since costs can add up when you factor in a larger group.

5- BattleBLAST Las Vegas

BattleBLAST Las Vegas - Kid birthday party in Las Vegas

Best Price

If you have older kids, then battleBLAST is definitely one of the best options for birthday parties. BattleBLAST is a laser tag arena that spans 2 stories and can host 37 players at a single time.

All players at battleBLAST Las Vegas need to be at least 42″ tall, to this venue is best geared towards your older children and their friends.

The battleBLAST venue also includes an arcade with winnable prizes, an extensive snack bar, as well as spacious private party rooms.

6- GameWorks Las Vegas

GameWorks Las Vegas - Kids birthday party places in Las Vegas

Best Price

GameWorks Las Vegas is a great place for kids birthday parties, especially parties that will be attended by pre-teens and up. GameWorks is an arcade, bowling alley, pub and restaurant all in one, meaning there is something for everyone who attends.

GameWorks features multiple classic and new arcade games, a total of 8 bowling lanes, 2 pool tables, as well as 30 TVs sprinkled throughout the restaurant for maximum viewing.

GameWorks does offer private party rooms but the reservations tend to book up in advance, so make sure that you all ahead to confirm availability.

7- Paint & Party Las Vegas

Paint Party Las Vegas

Painting parties aren’t just for grownups! If you have an artistic child who loves to draw and paint, then a Kid birthday party in Las Vegas at the Paint & Party venue is a great option.

At Paint & Party, guest will paint along with a teacher, creating their own unique works of art. Birthday party packages here include a private party room that you can decorate, along with an open-food policy in the private party room that allows you to bring whatever snacks, drinks, cake and ice cream that you want.

Paint & Party crew will clean up after the party as well.

8- Discovery Children’s Museum

Discovery Children's Museum - Kid birthday party in Las Vegas

Best Price

Discovery Children’s Museum is an exciting option for a Kid birthday party in Las Vegas.

Discovery Children’s Museum is filled with kid-friendly interactive exhibits, such as a mock village where children can learn to change a tire, fix plumbing, as well as a faux airport complete with airplane and so much more.

Birthday packages for the Discovery Children’s Museum include unlimited use of the museum for the entire day plus access to a party room where food and drinks may be served.

This is a great option for both big and small groups, though parents will likely find it easier to manage small groups in the museum.

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