First Day Of My Summer Vacation

Day 1 of my summer vacation was a very long day, but thanks to all the technology available to us today, it wasn’t too bad. There were certain moments that I thought “Man, this simulation is pretty darn good.” and other times when I thought “This definitely could be better if they just added a little more realism.” Regardless, there’s no denying that you can still have fun while participating in virtual reality. Here are five tips that’ll help you have the best VR experience possible on the first day of your summer vacation.The first day of my summer vacation is a very special day. I love how relaxed and energized I feel on the first day of my summer vacation because it’s one of those days when you can do whatever you want because you won’t have to work until next week.

It’s the first day of my summer vacation. The first day that I have time to myself, to relax and do what I want to do without being distracted by work. This is going to be amazing, but I better actually start doing something productive with this time myself. And then tomorrow morning one of my co-workers will call me and ask me if they can take care of a project for me (or vice-versa).

My First Day Of Summer Vacation

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It was a hot day and today was the day of the trip! I had school that day So I went to school and I was very excited because after school, we also had our first day of summer vacation.When school ended my dad came and picked me up,we had to get ready quick we had to leave In two hours. I ate lunch and it was delicious, When I was done I speeded to my bathroom and took a shower in one flash. When It was time I said good-bye to my mom and my siblings,sadly they couldn’t go .We went to Chicago first because my godfather was gonna drive. When we got to Chicago we slept there for one day and we woke up around 4 or 5 in the morning so we could eat something and take showers or whatever we had to do. We got done packing and taking showers and…show more content…
The next day we went tubing but there was a bit of a problem, When my cousins were tubing i tried to distract them so one of them would fall off.I decided to tell them that I was gonna take a picture but I really wasn’t.Until a bump came and one of my cousins fell, they were stopping the boat and I was trying to get on the other side so I could go but the thing Is i didn’t have a life jacket on , i guess I forgot.I fell into the water and I felt like i was gonna drown right at that moment, my cousin saw that I didn’t have one on and she came and got me.I got back to the boat and got a life jacket on i don’t know what I was thinking.That day was a nightmare after that point, It was the next day today and we had a family cookout because this was our third to last day we were here. I kept thinking about how much i’m gonna miss this family, i wouldn’t be able to see them till next summer, maybe even 2 summers!!When the barbecue and the chicken and all that good stuff was done I ate and spent the rest of the day taking photos and making memories for this Texas trip.

Today was the last day that we were at Texas and tomorrow we had to leave so I don’t know If that counts as today is our final day here.I woke up around 9 and also to some good breakfast, oh man that was delicious. We went shopping for our last day since there was a sale.I got so many stuff and I really wanted to get a shirt that said “I traveled

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