First Day Of School After Summer Vacation

Have you ever wondered what goes into planning your child’s first day of school after summer vacation? I’ve got all the details you need to make sure the transition is as stress-free as possible. It’s the first day of school after summer vacation – excitement is in the air, as kids are getting ready for another year of learning and growing. Not only that, but vacations are over. The fun and creativity of summer is gone and now you have time to focus on work and don’t want to miss any more free time at your disposal!

Parenting is a challenging job, but one that most would like to get right. The first day of school after summer vacation is a great opportunity for both parents and kids to start a new school year off with some excitement. The bedtime routine your children go through before they close their eyes for the night can provide glimpses into who they are and how they react to situations. The questions you ask them before bed – or better yet, questions you should ask them – will give you insight into who your children are becoming as well as the things that worry them about the future. If you’ve got young ones at home, this article will give you some insight on what you can learn from these questions and how these insights may help prepare you and your kids as they face their second year of school.

First Day Of School After Summer Vacation

Tuesday morning is just another normal day. Your children are going to school. So you’re probably thinking about what to pack for their lunches, how to get them ready for the day and also making sure everything is in order at home before they get back from school.

Back to school – Your first day teaching after the summer break

So the halcyon days of summer are coming to a close, the shops are already sold out of school uniforms, and the world of education begins sharpening it’s pencils once again, ready for a new school year.

‘Where did those 6 weeks go?’, we bet you’re asking yourself, but come on, you knew that the summer break wouldn’t last for ever.

And so we turn our attention to the new term, and more specifically, your first day back at school teaching. Here’s some tips to re-engage your pupils after the summer break.


Getting to know your students is vital to the ongoing interaction that you have with them. The early days of a new school year really set the tone for the whole year, and what can be more important than understanding your pupils and what makes them tick?

Even if you have a returning class that you are familiar with, re-engage with them by asking them individually what they got up to on their break. Remember – things change very quickly for youngsters, so you might find that they have grown into new people over that six-year period.


Let your pupils know what you expect of them on day one so that they can get a feel for how you operate as a teacher. Whether it’s homework expectations or in-class behaviour, laying your plans will let your kids become familiar as possible with your style of teaching, leaving nothing to the unknown.

On day one, you should fully expect your kids to set their own expectations for you as a teacher, and of the class that they are in.


Making each and every one of your students feel involved from the first day of term is pretty vital if you want to have a constructive relationship with your pupils. It’s important that they feel as comfortable as possible with their surroundings so that they can get down to learning as soon as possible.

Once you’ve introduced yourself, consider asking each of your students to introduce themselves to the class if they don’t know each other already. If they do know each other, ask them to stand up and explain what it is they did over the summer break.

Splitting the class off into groups is also a good way of building up a team-work ethic, and can establish a feel-good atmosphere from day one.

Vacation is the period during which students relax, spend quality time with their friends and family, and hone their co-curricular and extra-curricular skills. But, when school resumes, they face a number of emotions; some are very excited, while at the same time, others find it very stressful. To ensure a great first day at school, students have to do a lot of things. In fact, they should not only prepare for the reopening day, but the entire year ahead of them. It is important to rest properly, get the right supplies, and maintain a good attitude, to make sure the first day runs as smoothly as possible.

Self-Improvement throughout the Breaks

Staying busy throughout the summer is essential, especially for students who struggle the most on their first day after vacation, or for those who have spent too much time indoors and relaxing. While summer is for students to have fun and let go of all the stress, but they should also stay active and remain busy in various activities.

Pursuing internships and part-time jobs will help the students to stay on their feet and hone their skills at the same time. It will not only help them to maintain a proper routine, but also earn some money at the same time. Additionally, joining a sport will help them remain fit and enjoy the holidays.

Focus on Academic Advancement

During the holiday breaks, students can continue studying and enhancing their knowledge not only about the curriculum, but also plethora of information about the outside world. It will be easy to tackle difficult topics if students prepare them beforehand. They can study about different topics ranging from history, films, science, mathematics, and so on. Engaging in any kind of learning activity will provide them with an extra advantage, when they return to school. If students research in advance about the course topics that will be covered in the next semester, it will help them to stay ahead in the class. Also, they will slowly gain expertise on the subjects even before they are introduced in the class.

Spending time with School Friends

One thing that students can do during the holidays is spend time with friends who attend the same school. Most students enroll to schools which are near their residences. If they make friends who stay in their locality and go to the same school, it will help them to nurture stronger bonds and grow closer. We all suffer from some amount of anxiety at the first day of school, but having friends around can make things much easier for us.

Arranging Stationaries

The most important thing one can do while preparing for the first day is purchase all the supplies and make sure they have all the necessary equipment. Certain materials like pens, pencil, paper, and so on will be required throughout the school year. Hence, students can buy them in bulk quantities and store them for future use. They can also arrange for additional things like a backpack with comfortable shoulder straps, note books, calculators, graph papers, geometry boxes, a portable USB drive for saving computer work, and so on.

Preparing on the Previous Night

On the night before school resumes, students have to make arrangements for transportation. The distance at which they are staying from the school will decide whether they reach there in time by walking, or would have to choose a reliable mode of transport. The ones staying close can simply walk by foot; whereas others staying afar will have to go by public or private transport. They can ask their parents to drop them at school or join a carpool. Availing the school bus services can also help students in saving time and money. Students should make sure that their rooms are clean the night before because when they come back from school, they will not have much time for things like cleaning. Tidying up the room can be helpful as when they return at the end of the day they will feel relaxed to see a clean room.

Arranging the Uniform           

It is important to choose which cloth to wear and clean and press them properly to have a good impression on the first day back at school. They should choose the uniform which is clean and comfortable, and is in line with the school’s ideal uniform policies. However, students can add on some buttons or frills to put an extra zest on the cloth they are wearing. But, they should be cautious about maintaining a proper dress code.

Nutritious Diet and Proper Rest is Essential

At least eight hours of sleep is essential for any person to keep them healthy and on track. The body needs sufficient rest of at least eight hours to heal and store the energy required to study and perform other activities in the school. If students have been staying up late during their holidays, it is advisable they get their sleep schedule on track before reopening of the school. This will help them to adjust with the school routine easily. Instead of using electronic gadgets, reading a book will prove to be worthwhile and assist in sleeping well. Waking up earlier and going to bed each day will also be beneficial for students academically and health wise.

Students should eat a healthy and breakfast, which would help them perform actively throughout the first half of the day. Also, carrying some healthy meals for lunch will help them in tackling the rest of the day with ease.

Active Participation

Students should prepare themselves mentally and physically for various classes throughout the day. They should try to reach at least fifteen minutes earlier on the first day. This will help them in releasing the stress and getting a proper head start for the rest of the day. Students should be prepared for each class and participate actively for better outcomes. This will help them in both their academic and non-academic endeavors. Resuming school after vacations may be a challenging task for many. But, with proper planning and execution, students can achieve better results.

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