First Vacation With Boyfriend Where To Go

It’s your first vacation with your boyfriend. You’re excited and a little nervous, so you’re also a little unsure of what to do. Where do you want to go? How long will you be there for? What activities can you do? Do you need special equipment? Plus, how much do plane tickets cost? All these questions are running through your head and they’re causing anxiety! Don’t worry, though – I’ve got some tips on making your first vacation with your boyfriend as easy as possible so that the trip is simply enjoyable and memorable.

If you are planning a first vacation with your boyfriend, then you know the importance of choosing a location. The initial shock of finding new destinations will soon be replaced by excitement for exploring undiscovered places. This can be overwhelming though, especially since you’ll have to deal with culture shock and everything that comes with it. It is important to consider the following questions before traveling:

First Vacation With Boyfriend Where To Go

Taking your first vacation with your boyfriend can be exciting, romantic and memorable. However, it’s often overwhelming when you start planning everything—from how much money to spend on the trip, to where to stay and what activities would be fun for both of you.

Best First Vacations for Couples

Where can you go that you’ll both enjoy? Do you want to relax or explore? What kinds of things should you do when you get there? Fear not… There are tons of questions to think about, but luckily for you, some destinations are tailor-made for couples, especially if it’s your first time travelling together! So skip the stress and opt for one of these epic first-time vacation destinations for couples:

Don’t show up for your first trip together overpacked and underprepared! | © Vidar Nordli-Mathisen/Unsplash

Perfect first-time holiday destinations for couples

1. California

Surfing, wine tasting, exploring the Hollywood Hills – California is a no brainer for first time couple travel. The variety of sites, activities, and accommodations are endless, from spending one night in a beach cabin to another in a San Fran skyrise. There are beaches, national parks, hiking trails, vineyards, and even Disneyland to keep the pair of you occupied. Whether your road tripping or staying in one area, California has all the working parts to be the best vacation ever.

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2. Iceland

For couples who tend to lean towards the adventurous side, Iceland was made for you. From hot springs to volcanoes, the forever changing and seemingly otherworldly landscapes of Iceland will keep you captivated your entire trip. Spend the morning bathing in the steamy Blue Lagoon and your night cuddling under the Northern Lights – no matter what itinerary you go for, Iceland is one place the two of you may never want to leave.

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3. Italy

Italy is home to some of the world’s best food, most beautiful coastlines, and romantic drives you’ll ever come across. Book your flights and be prepared to indulge in every Italian cliche, from red wine to gondola rides to gelato under the shadow of ancient ruins. While Paris is typically considered the city of romance, a tour through Italy will quickly change your mind, making it the perfect destination for lovebirds planning their first vacation together.

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Set aside Paris, because Tuscany is everything. | © Simon Rae/Unsplash

4. Costa Rica

For any couples with an outdoor bucket list that’s ten miles long, chances are you’ll be able to cross off at least ten things after a vacation to Costa Rica. There’s whitewater rafting, fishing, snorkelling, zip lining, and just about every other adventure activity you could imagine. And when you’re tired, treat yourself to a colourful drink and lounge on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. For couples that love to work hard and play hard, Costa Rica is the destination with both of your names stamped on it.

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5. European river cruises

One of the best first-time trips you and your partner could ever go on is a river cruise through Europe. If you’re thinking, “But aren’t river cruises boring?”, we’re delighted to say you’ve been misinformed. These days, river cruises offer something for everyone, from onboard morning yoga to guided (or unguided) tours through Europe’s most treasured cities. It’s hassle-free, romantic, and a great way to see multiple cities during one trip. The food is great, the sites are breathtaking, and you’ll have one of the easiest planning experiences because it’s all taken care of for you!

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6. Scotland

Spend an afternoon fortress hopping in Scotland | © Serena Repice Lentini/Unsplash

Scotland is one destination that always seems to blow couples away with its history, culture, and untouched wilderness. Slip on your hiking shoes and explore century-old castles or grab the camera and capture the beauty of the Isle of Skye – whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. The local pubs have the most delicious beer and the music will lift even the most rhythmically challenged off their feet. So, for any couples looking for a beautifully wild adventure, a vacation in Scotland is your best bet.

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7. Bali

Bali is the ultimate destination for any couples who want to relax on some of the dreamiest beaches during their first vacation together. This is one destination that promises relaxation, white sand beaches and days spent swimming in water so clear it almost doesn’t seem real. Your Instagram will be filled with beautiful beach shots, so pack your most stylish bathing suit and prepare for a week of some seriously romantic R&R.

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Tips for a successful first vacation

Planning your first trip with your significant other may seem like a bit of a challenge, but it’s exciting nonetheless. You’ll make memories and share experiences together you can’t create any other way, so don’t be nervous. Follow these tips to ensure everything goes according to plan:

1. Consider your lifestyle and interests

There’s no point travelling somewhere if once you arrive there’s little that will interest you both as a couple. So if hiking isn’t your thing but you both love food, consider a trip that focuses on experiencing epic cuisine and leaves out the strenuous activity. Travel according to what interests you both.

2. Discuss the budget beforehand

Save yourself any arguments or confusion and discuss the budget of the trip before making any bookings. Far too often couples sign up for a vacation and then realize it’s going to go way over budget. And don’t be discouraged if your budget is small, there are tons of places to go and experiences to be had that won’t break the bank.

Being honest and organized about expectations makes everything better |  © J CS

3. Buy travel insurance

This seems like a no brainer, but travelling without any insurance can create some serious problems should one of you need medical attention, something is stolen, or you need to cancel the trip. Having insurance ensures everything is covered if something does go wrong.

4. Watch out for tiredness and hangriness

Being tired or hungry can totally change someone’s personality, so keep an eye on whether or not your partner is suffering from either of these ailments. Getting enough sleep and being well fed ensures everyone is happy and enjoys themselves.

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