How Much Is A Permanent Visa For Australia

We all love the freedom of mobility and being able to travel as much as we want. That is why there are millions of people who want to get a permanent visa to Australia. Besides feeling the excitement of being in an advanced country, we get to experience a whole lot more with a permanent Visa.A permanent visa for Australia is an excellent way to ensure a more assured future amidst the uncertainties of life (as it’s not just limited to Australia). Therefore, we must take into account all associated factors and weigh them in terms of benefits and losses, before taking the final decision.

How Much Is A Permanent Visa For Australia

The Australian permanent visa is a type of visa that allows you to live, work, and start a family in Australia. There are up to six different types of permanent visas depending on your skills and circumstances, but all permanent visas allow you to live permanently in Australia.Visa is one of the things that make foreigners feel safe as they are moving to another country. After all, to be able to travel without any further permit over and beyond the visa you have obtained is like a chance for freedom. On the other hand, applying for a visa comes with many complications, especially if you have some health problem. However, permanent visa can still be your answer if you have an application that is worth considering. It is not an assurance but it might free you from miseries regarding visa issues.

Australian Permanent Residence (PR) fees for Subclass 189, 190 and 491 visas 

Primary Adult Applicant: AUD 4045

Additional Adult Applicant (above 18 years): AUD 2020

Dependent Child (below 18 years): AUD 1015


Credit and Debit cards accepted 

Estimated Cost of the Australian PR Process

Australian PR Fees 2019 -2020

The total fees towards the Australian PR for the primary applicant is equivalent to AUD 4045. Australian Permanent Residence (PR) is granted through Subclass 189/190/491 skilled visa schemes. 

Subclass 189/190/491 VisaFees 
Primary Adult ApplicantAUD 4,045
Additional Adult Applicant (above 18 years)AUD 2,020
Dependent Child (below 18 years)AUD 1,105

Therefore, the total fees for Permanent Resident (PR) Visa for a family consisting of two adults and one child is equivalent to AUD 7,080. 

The fee can be paid through your International Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express debit and/or credit card. However, payment made via Discover card will not be accepted. 

Australian Visa fees are non-refundable

The Australian Permanent Residence Fees is not refunded to the candidate in case the visa application would be rejected. Australian Permanent Residence Second Installment Fees – For Dependent’s with less than Functional English

The second installment fees of Australian PR is equivalent to AUD 4,885. If the dependent applicant is aged 18 years or older and are unable to prove their competency in English language then it would be necessary for them to pay the second installment fee. 

The first installment of the Australian visa application is necessarily paid during the time of application, whereas the second installment fees is required to be paid before the visa is granted. 

However, for all other dependent applicants with functional level of English, the second installment fee would be zero, that is, they are not required to pay the second installment fee. 

Australian Permanent Residence (PR) cost from India in INR 

The total cost that is needed to be paid for Australian PR while applying for the visa grant from India is equivalent to INR 2 lakhs. The conversion rate used here is 1 Australian dollars (AUD) = 51 INR. 

Assessment Fees  for Australian Permanent Residence (PR)

Getting an Australian Permanent Residence (PR) is a long and extensive process where you are required to pay fees towards your English Proficiency test, verification of your education credentials, work assessment, police verification fees along with fees towards Australian Government’s fees for submitting PR application. 

Type of FeeFees required to be paid per individual
Education credentials and Work Assessment (ACS)AUD 500
Police clearance certificate fees (varies by country)USD 18 (varies by country)
English Proficiency TestUSD 200 (PTE); USD 230 (IELTS)
Medical examination fees (varies by country)USD 350 (USA); INR 6000 (India)

How to pay Australian visa application fee?

Fees towards the Australian Visa can be paid online using both debit and credit card. However, when paying the fees through debit and credit card, you would be required to pay an additional charge some of the them are listed below. 

Types of debit and credit cardAdditional Charge
PayPal1.00 %
Visa/Mastercard1.32 %
American Express 1.40 %
JCB 1.40 %
Union Pay 1.90 %
Diners Club International 1.99 %
DiscoverNot accepted by the Australian Government

Note: Some applicants prefer paying the Australian Visa fee using the Travel Forex Card in order to save on the currency conversion charges and the foreign transaction charges imposed by credit card companies and banks. 

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Australia has always been a popular choice for individuals who desire to migrate to another country.  The country has favorable factors such as a thriving economy which means more job opportunities. Australia promises a better quality of life and a multicultural society where there is peace and harmony.

Australia offers a permanent residency or PR visa to immigrants. The Australia PR visa has a validity of five years. With a PR visa, you can move into Australia along with your family. You can apply for citizenship after living in Australia for four years with an Australia PR visa.

2022-23 Australia Immigration Program

Each year, the Australian government increased the migration planning levels and invites a certain number of candidates under each migration program. In 2022-2023, there are better chances for the following streams and categories. As the country has many job opportunities, there is a lot of scope for candidates under skills streams.  

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