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Parties are one of the best parts of life. They’re a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family, celebrate special occasions, and just get together with people you love. But sometimes it can be hard to find a place that’s perfect for your party needs. That’s where we come in!

When you’re looking for a good time, there are plenty of places to go. Here are some of our favorite party spots!

A bar – If you want to get drunk and put on some serious dance moves, a bar is the place for you. But it’s not just about drinking: bars are also space for meeting new people, having fun with your friends, and making memories.

A pool hall – If you’re looking to get competitive or just hang out with your buddies, a pool hall is the place for you. You can play games like billiards or snooker, enjoy drinks and food at the bar, and even watch sports on TV if that’s your thing!

A club – Clubs are great because they’re open late (or all night long!) and offer a lot of different activities like dancing, karaoke nights, live music performances from local bands/singers/musicians… basically anything goes at clubs! You could even see yourself getting into trouble here if you’re feeling adventurous enough… maybe even meet someone special?

There are a number of places in your city that are great for parties. Some places are filled with fun activities for the kids and others have great food and drinks.

Are you looking for a place to have your party? Look no further! Here’s a list of some of the best party places in crete:

Corkers Nightclub, Malia

Cretan town at night
Photo by Bert Christiaens/Pexels

The third and final option in the kingpin of nightlife in Crete that is the town of Malia, Corkers Nightclub is worth a mention because it’s been around since the very beginning of the 18-30s resort. Yep, an evening of shimmying and shot taking here is nothing short of a rite of passage for first-time hedonists hitting The Strip.

Corkers is marked out by a simple exterior of concrete-colored stone and green signage. It sits roughly midway down the main drag, about 10 minutes’ walking from the beach. At opening time – usually in the early evening – the whole frontage of floor-to-ceiling doors will fling open to reveal a buzzy dancefloor.

We’d say Corkers is one of the more welcoming of the bars on the Malia Strip. Unlike the out-and-out EDM clubs that pump away nearby, it’s got chatty bar staff and a more eclectic crowd of regulars. The drinks are also typically a touch cheaper than some of the other spots in the town.

Garage Bar, Chania

Chania marina in the evening
Photo by Marina T/Unsplash

Garage Bar is arguably the most happening place to party in the main urban hub of western Crete. That’s Chania, a city of winding lanes and cobbled alleys that’s packed with charming tavernas and anchored by a gorgeous Venetian Harbor. You can start the night in one of the many excellent restaurants (a personal fav is Tamam) and then hit the club to keep the ouzo flowing.

Look for the entrance just off the main street of Chalidon, a couple of seconds’ walk past the art gallery. You’re after the hulking wooden doorway with metal braces, illuminated by a big sign that reads ‘Garage’ between plumes of green grape vines. There are some tables outside, but it’s just as atmospheric within, where a cavernous interior is strung with old motorbikes and red filament bulbs.

The music here is a little more curated than down in Malia. Local Cretan and Greek DJs come and go throughout the summer, playing all sorts of Lo-Fi, hip hop, and drum and bass to big crowds of Chania natives, especially on the weekends. Come Sundays and Mondays, it’s a touch more chilled, and you’ll be able to sit out front with a cold beer and watch the world go by.

Swing Thing, Heraklion

Photo by Juli Kosolapova/Unsplash

We don’t hesitate to recommend Swing Thing for even a second. This is one of the coolest bars in the whole of Crete – nay, the whole of Greece. It channels Tiki vibes and touch of that prohibition noir to offer somewhere that positively oozes atmosphere. It’s right in the heart of the island’s capital, too, on the cusp of leafy Theotokopoulos Park.

The main draw has to be the cocktails. The menu here is a meticulously forged list of famous mixes and in-house tipples. Many are imbued with Crete’s own ingredients – think sweet oranges fresh from the mountain orchards and lemons plucked off the trees just down the road.

Instead of beating chart tunes and endless DJ sets, you get chilled jazz and blues and electronica on the playlist. That couples with an interior of simply lit booth seats and low-hanging lights, eventually spilling out onto a wrap-around terrace that’s perfect for sipping martinis and watching city life go by.  

Whisper Music Cocktail Bar, Stalida

Crete shoreline
Photo by fietzfotos/Pixabay

Whisper Music Cocktail Bar ditches the mega-club paradigm for something more beach orientated. It spreads over the powdery sands at the far western end of Malia Beach, in an area of the resort known as Stalida. There, the feel is a bit more family centric, so expect chilled vibes and afternoon drinking sessions by the sea.

The prices are way more attractive than in the big electronica and DJ venues on the strip. You’re looking at €3 for a rum and mixer and under €10 for a full on high-ball cocktail. You should also find there are some pretty attractive happy-hour deals going at Whisper.

The best thing, though? That has to be the sunbed service. A perfect day-drinking venue, this one offers a seat right next to the lapping waves of the Aegean Sea. It might not be chic and stylo, but you can glug those Mythos pints with your feet in the water. Nice.                

Club Sensation, Hersonissos

Photo by Alexander Slash/Unsplash

Club Sensation is one huge depot of a club that graces the streets of Hersonissos resort. Big, boisterous, and forever thundering with pumping EDM, electronica, house, and deep house, the venue is known for its regular DJ nights. The line-up is especially rich in Dutch talent (mainly due to the Dutch ownership) – names like Yung Felix and DJ Lapendo are regulars.

Sensation occupies a sprawling space just a single block back from the main beach. It expands into a number of dance areas with a lofted DJ booth that’s usually plumed in smoke and illuminated with flashing strobes. The whole place is painted black, while hanging steel frames and galvanized tubes add an industrial-chic factor to the mix.

It’s always a good idea to book tickets ahead of time for Club Sensation. Their parties are some of the most sought-after on the island and the club is close enough to Malia to draw seriously big crowds of revelers in the high season.

Reflex, Malia

Beach bars in Malia
Photo by Mylene Tremoyet/Unsplash

You’ll probably hear the familiar sounds of 80s rock and pop before you see Reflex. This retro bar specializes in all things Come on Eileen, Aha, Duran Duran, and Michael Jackson. Yep, it’s the best place to go on the whole of Crete for your fix of the decade of neon-colored legwarmers and boob tubes, offering a glimpse back in time some 40 years or so.

As you’d expect, the whole place is adorned with shimmering lights. An oversized Rubik’s Cube tops the doorway, leading to halls punctuated with Elton John glasses, frizzy wigs, and all sorts of old-school regalia.

The front of the venue is open to the street, which just so happens to be the ever-lively Malia Strip. So, drop the ego at the door, because you’ll be able to be seen dancing shapes to Bon Jovi and whatnot. Reflex crowds tend to be a little more easy-going than elsewhere in the resort, with an older contingent looking for a touch of nostalgia helping get the party started.

Zig Zag Club, Malia

Beer on the beach
Photo by Joseph Richard Francis

Zig Zag is one of the undisputed legends of Malia, Crete’s most popular party town by a long stretch. A modern, cutting-edge club that first opened its doors to revelers at the turn of the millennium, it’s centered on a futuristic dance floor topped by forever-rotating mirror balls and gyrating lights.

The music policy here is not-so-strictly house. The deep EDM tunes are often interspersed with R&B hits, bass-heavy funk and soul, and electronic remixes of the classics. Basically, it’s in the hands of the resident DJs, who tend to do a pretty fantastic job of keeping the bodies moving until the early (very early) hours – the official close time is 6am some days, and the spot doesn’t even open until 11pm.

There’s a VIP lounge area at Zig Zag where you can go for a respite from the house changer. Out front, the venue also opens into a sort of half al fresco drinking terrace that overlooks the Malia Strip.

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