Party places in hoi an

Parties are one of the best parts of life. They’re a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family, celebrate special occasions, and just get together with people you love. But sometimes it can be hard to find a place that’s perfect for your party needs. That’s where we come in!

When you’re looking for a good time, there are plenty of places to go. Here are some of our favorite party spots!

A bar – If you want to get drunk and put on some serious dance moves, a bar is the place for you. But it’s not just about drinking: bars are also space for meeting new people, having fun with your friends, and making memories.

A pool hall – If you’re looking to get competitive or just hang out with your buddies, a pool hall is the place for you. You can play games like billiards or snooker, enjoy drinks and food at the bar, and even watch sports on TV if that’s your thing!

A club – Clubs are great because they’re open late (or all night long!) and offer a lot of different activities like dancing, karaoke nights, live music performances from local bands/singers/musicians… basically anything goes at clubs! You could even see yourself getting into trouble here if you’re feeling adventurous enough… maybe even meet someone special?

There are a number of places in your city that are great for parties. Some places are filled with fun activities for the kids and others have great food and drinks.

Are you looking for a place to have your party? Look no further! Here’s a list of some of the best party places in hoi an:

White Marble Wine Bar

White Marble Wine Bar, Nightlife in Hoi An

White Marble Wine Bar is one of the most high-end resto-bars in Hoi-An. This tastefully furnished space is a gentle mix of new and old, consisting of some bar stools colourful pillows, marble flooring, vintage photographs and wooden shelves showcasing the wine collection. For 50,000 VND, the Wine bar serves an assortment of 14 different wines in embellished wine glasses.

In addition to that, they also have a selection of reasonably priced vodka, rum, whisky and other spirits, both local and from around the world. The unobtrusive jazz music playing in the background adds to the charm and makes it an ideal location for a calm night out.

Tam Tam

Tam Tam, Nightlife in Hoi An

Tam Tam is an upmarket, light and friendly venue to relax at night. Housed in an old building, Tam Tam is not very loud, and hence it is an excellent place to relax, drink in hand and catch up with an old friend or get to know a fellow traveller you just met.  Arrive early at Tam Tam to grab one of the coveted balcony seats.

Before And Now Bar

Before and Now Bar, Nightlife in Hoi An

Before and Now is Hoi An’s noisiest nightclub but what makes it more attractive is its special two-for-one offers and its four-hour long happy hours. The club attracts aloud clientele that is down for pretty much anything; from downing six shots of tequila straight to dancing till your feet hurt. You are guaranteed to have fun in this high energy atmosphere and might even make a few friends.

Café 96

Cafe 96, Nightlife in Hoi An

Café 96 is the ideal location for the budget traveller. The paint peeling, exposed brick ambience of Café 96, along with the economical prices gives Café 96 a rustic and edgy feel. The beer served is local, and the food is fresh and locally prepared. The café is located right next to a river, and the entire setting of the café and the river next to it is almost poetic

Dive Bar

Dive Bar, Nightlife in Hoi An

Dive Bar is one of Hoi An’s most popular bars. This bar is ‘dive’ themed and attracts a large number of diving enthusiasts, expats, travellers and locals alike. Owned by the Cham Island Diving Centre, this glitzy club plays house to some lounges, pool tables, sofas, garden cafes and an Internet café. The drink menu consists of an assortment of cocktails, wines, whiskeys and mocktails both imported and local.

Every Night between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM, you can mix your cocktails under the supervision of an expert mixer. The music genres range from a relaxed acoustic to a more loud rock or metal. Shisha is also available, and the room can often get quite smoky.

Q Bar

Q Bar, Nightlife in Hoi An

Q Bar is an opulent lounge bar that attracts an affluent crowd of celebrities, ultra-hip expats and tourists and locals who don’t mind spending a little more than necessary. It has the swankiest menu of cocktails, beers, spirits and Japanese snacks that cater to its affluent clientele.

It features an array of oriental décor with lit paper Mache lanterns, wooden communal tables, cosy lounge seats and colourful silk pillows. The interiors have a very flashy appearance and are lit up with flashing LED lights in red and blue. The music is electric and has a beat tempo.

Zero Sea Mile Beach Club

Zero Sea Mile Beach, Nightlife in Hoi An

The beach is the most happening place and plays host to the wildest parties. This is where all the revellers head to after bars close down and they aren’t tired of the party yet. Zero Sea Mile Beach Club is a complex of entertainment with a conventional bar, a DJ and an enormous dance floor to accommodate all the party animals.

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