Party places in ireland

Parties are one of the best parts of life. They’re a great opportunity to catch up with friends and family, celebrate special occasions, and just get together with people you love. But sometimes it can be hard to find a place that’s perfect for your party needs. That’s where we come in!

When you’re looking for a good time, there are plenty of places to go. Here are some of our favorite party spots!

A bar – If you want to get drunk and put on some serious dance moves, a bar is the place for you. But it’s not just about drinking: bars are also space for meeting new people, having fun with your friends, and making memories.

A pool hall – If you’re looking to get competitive or just hang out with your buddies, a pool hall is the place for you. You can play games like billiards or snooker, enjoy drinks and food at the bar, and even watch sports on TV if that’s your thing!

A club – Clubs are great because they’re open late (or all night long!) and offer a lot of different activities like dancing, karaoke nights, live music performances from local bands/singers/musicians… basically anything goes at clubs! You could even see yourself getting into trouble here if you’re feeling adventurous enough… maybe even meet someone special?

There are a number of places in your city that are great for parties. Some places are filled with fun activities for the kids and others have great food and drinks.

Are you looking for a place to have your party? Look no further! Here’s a list of some of the best party places in ireland:

10. Kinsale, Co. Cork – for local culture and nightlife

Credit: Facebook/ @kittykinsale

Many people associate Kinsale in County Cork with its colourful shop facades and love for local seafood. 

What must not be overlooked, however, is its vibrant social scene which assures its addition to our list of towns with the best nightlife in Ireland.

Wind your way through charming streets dotted with locally-owned businesses, stopping along the way at one (or some) of the many pubs. If you’re looking to dust off your dancing shoes, look no further than Folkhouse Bar and Bacchus Nightclub.

Province: Munster

9. Lismore, Co. Waterford – for trad culture

Another of the top best nightlife in Ireland is Lismore in Co. Waterford.
Credit: @cobblestonepubdublin / Instagram

Those of you seeking a more cultural nightlife experience, Lismore in County Waterford is just the ticket. 

Located in the South of Ireland, this town is rich in history and heritage, and its social scene reflects this, too. 

Traditional music and Irish dancing are familiar feats in Lismore venues, making it a great way to lap up some Irish culture while enjoying a night on the town. 

8. Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim – for stags and hens

Carrick-on-Shannon is perfect for stags and hens and is some of the best nightlife in Ireland.
via Gings (Facebook)

Carrick-on-Shannon is often referred to as the cultural capital of hen and stag parties. And, while it may be a town to pass through for many, it also boasts its own unique charm, making it well worth a visit. 

Murtagh’s Bar takes the title of the top spot in Carrick-on-Shannon, although there are tonnes of venues worth checking out. 

Dunne’s Bar is fantastic for sports-lovers, while Cryan’s Bar is your go-to for trad music. With a varied and dynamic social scene, it is safe to say Carrick-on-Shannon has some of the best nightlife in Ireland.

7. Lahinch, Co. Clare – Ireland’s answer to a surfer’s paradise

Lahinch is home to more of the best nightlife in Ireland.

Lahinch is long-known as Ireland’s answer to a surfer’s paradise. Drawing beach babies and wave chasers year-round, there is never a dull moment on the Lahinch social scene. 

With a youth-heavy population, Lahinch is also home to some of the best nightlife in Ireland. And, seeing that waves are not seasonal, there is never a dull moment in the seaside town. 

We suggest you check out Flanagans, O’Looney’s, or The Nineteenth Bar when in town! 

6. Howth, Co. Dublin – for a seaside pub crawl

Howth is another of the towns with the best nightlife in Ireland.
via: Flickr, William Murphy

Howth is a small seaside town located on the Howth Pennunisula only a short drive from Dublin City Centre. 

A popular tourist destination, Howth has a vibrant roster of traditional Irish pubs and late-night bars which offer up some of the best nightlife in Ireland.

Make sure to start with the Bloody Stream, underneath the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) station, for a creamy pint of Guinness before pub crawling the waterfront. 

5. Sligo, Co. Sligo – the Vegas of the west

Sligo is known as the Vegas of the west and is home to some of the best nightlife in Ireland.
via Swagman Bar (Facebook)

Sligo Town is the heart and soul of County Sligo. Located on the west coast of Ireland, Sligo is a buzzing hive of activity. 

Rich in local culture as well as bars, pubs, and nightlife venues, Sligo is a top destination for those in search of some of the best nightlife in Ireland.

Due to its intimate size, this town is the perfect place to explore on foot. Make sure to stop by The Garavogue Bar if you’re looking for a loose night featuring much merriment.

4. Carlingford, Co. Louth – for outdoor activities and nightlife

Looking the best nightlife in Ireland? check out Carlingford in Co. Louth.
Credit: @P.J. O’Hare’s / Facebook

Located in County Louth, Carlingford is a vibrant town most often associated with its outdoor adventure centres and heritage ties. 

If you’re in search of a weekend trip, Carlingford is an excellent choice, with much to keep you keen – including some of the best nightlife in Ireland. 

Lilly Finnegan’s is a charming little watering hole and a must-visit of anyone in the locale. Other venues of note include P.J. O’Hare’s and Taaffe’s Castle Bar.

3. Bundoran, Co. Donegal – some of the best nightlife in Ireland

Bundoran is home to some of the best nightlife in Ireland.

Bundoran shares in similar vibes as Lahinch, with a large surfer draw and some of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland. 

Summertime sees the largest crowds in the locale, turning its small-town vibes into a heaving social scene. Saying that, the atmosphere tends to be electric year-round. 

Self-titled as “Ireland’s capital of fun!” Bundoran offers a wealth of venues; we suggest you check out The Kicking Donkey & George’s Bar.

2. Dingle, Co. Kerry – for old-school fishing-village vibes

Dingle is another of the top best nightlife in Ireland.

Dingle is a sleepy fishing village on the west coast of Ireland in County Kerry. 

With winding streets and endless pubs on offer, you’ll be hooked from the time you arrive. Summer sees overseas travellers and local tourists flock to the humble village, although spring and autumn are particularly lovely. 

Before you leave, make sure to visit Dick Mack’s Pub and Foxy John’s – you can thank us later.

1. Kilkenny, Co. Kilkenny – for a cultural pub crawl

Kilkenny is known for having one of the best nightlife in Ireland.

Kilkenny takes the top spot for the best nightlife in Ireland. The medieval town thrives in history and heritage, and it certainly doesn’t fall short in its social scene, either. 

Explore endless pub-lined streets which wind around churches, monasteries, and places of interest, making this the ultimate destination for a cultural pub crawl. 

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