Singapore Job Visa In Hyderabad

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In present global scenario, It is becoming increasingly important to obtain Singapore job visa Singapore. Singapore is one of the richest city in the world and is home to top most IT companies like Google, Facebook Linkedin etc.

Are you considering to apply for Singapore job visa? If yes, then you may require personal letter of recommendation. This letter is to be given by a person in India who knows the applicant well. The purpose of personal reference letter is to provide information on the applicant’s character, attitude, and experience. The writer must express his/her confidence that the applicant will work in a satisfactory manner. It also states that the writer is recommending the candidate as someone qualified for a position or scholarship. You can get personalized letter from . You are advised to give priority to your personal competencies when writing a resume for a job application in Singapore or elsewhere.

Singapore Job Visa In Hyderabad

The idea of living in a foreign country can sometimes be both exciting and frightening. Amongst different factors it is crucial to have a better plan before planning to move to another country. The main concern is the job visa or the residential permit. One has to study its requirements before moving abroad and it plays an important role in shaping your decision making process.

Work Permit

Getting work permit for Singapore is not an easy task as one need to cross many technical obstacles. There are many types of work permits. Hence figure out the right one for you before applying.

Your employment pass depends upon your monthly salary. To be frank, Employment Passes are applicable to those who get more than SGD 2,800 per month. Those who are having a lower income can apply for a work visa.

General Requirements

Work permit is a must for every foreigner in order to take employment. This also prevents your future employers from hefty fines for employing expat who are not having proper work permit for Singapore.

According to the Singapore Employment Act, the minimum age for employees is 16 years while the maximum age is generally 50 years.

But employers are more responsible in the whole process. They have to pay the tax for recruiting a foreigner and they need to bear all the expenses required for your maintenance and for your medical examinations etc;

Few allow you start a new business in Singapore.

Employment Pass (EP)

Employment Passes are divided into three different categories:

  • P1 Employment Pass for foreign employees with a monthly salary of SGD 8,000
  • P2 Employment Pass for foreign employees with a monthly salary of SGD 4,500
  • Q1 Employment Pass for young graduates with a minimum income of SGD 3,000.

You can use the Self-Assessment Tool of the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore to find out if you qualify for an Employment Pass and which type of pass you need. But remember that this does not guarantee you the information, but helps you as a reference. Your employer has to submit the application for work permit on your behalf.

Employment Pass holders are eligible to apply for a Dependent’s Pass or a Long Term Visit Pass provided they submit a separate application for each of their family members.

Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)

Personalized Employment Pass is intended for top-tier foreign professionals.

Expats are eligible to apply for this visa if their last fixed monthly salary overseas was at least SGD 18,000 or if they hold a P1 Pass and make at least SGD 12,000 per month.

Now the minimum annual salary needed is SGD 144,000. The Personalized Employment Pass is valid for three years.

Freelancers, editors, producers, sub-editors, journalists, and people who have received an Employment pass under the sponsorship scheme are not eligible for this PEP.

In case if you quit or lose your current job, you have six months to find a new job. The PEP can be issued only once and is not renewable. 

Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh (Except Diplomatic/Official passport holders), Armenia*, Azerbaijan*, Belarus*, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan*, Kyrgyzstan*, Moldova*, Nigeria, Russia*, Tajikistan*, Turkmenistan*, Ukraine*, Uzbekistan*, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan (Except Diplomatic/Official passport holders), Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Myanmar (Except Diplomatic/Official passport holders), People’s Republic of China (Except Diplomatic/Service/Public Affairs passport holders for a stay of up to 30 days), Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia (Except Diplomatic/Official passport holders), Yemen.

The period of stay granted is shown on the social visit pass endorsement given on the visitor’s passport.

Visitors are not allowed to be engaged in any form of trade and jobs on their visit to Singapore.

Also they are offended if they overstay. If at all they want to stay long, they need to extend their visas through online or directly.

It takes one day to four weeks for issuance of visa.

The current fee for a Singapore visa is S$30 per issue. There is no additional processing fee. The fee collected is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application or if you withdraw the application after submission.

Business visitors and Social visitors
– S$ 40 for an extension of stay accumulating to a period of 3 months or more from the date of entry/issuance of pass. This fee is applicable for every subsequent extensions of stay accumulating to 3 months or more.

– A visa fee of S$30 is applicable if the applicant has resided in Singapore beyond the visa-free period.

How long is the visa valid for?
A Social Visit Pass is valid for a maximum of 3 months.

A successful Employment Pass applicant will be granted an Employment Pass valid for two years upon first approval and three years upon subsequent renewals.

A visitor on a Performing Artiste Work Permit is entitled to work for 6 months. If a longer work period is required, an Employment Pass, S Pass or Work Permit should be obtained.

Other information: 
Cancellation of PVP

Foreign artistes issued with PVPs are required to surrender their valid PVPs to Visitor Services Centre, ICA, for cancellation within 7 days from the date of cessation or termination of their performances.

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