Singapore Tourist Visa For Family

A Singapore Tourist Visa is an entry visa that allows foreigners to visit Singapore for recreational, medical treatment and business purposes. Designed for leisure, the Singapore Tourist Visa has three categories: short-term Visit Pass, long-term Visit Pass and My Special pass.

If you have applied for tourist visa from Singapore consulate and didn’t get it, you may think you won’t be able to come to Singapore for a vacation. But don’t worry, there is an easy way for you.

It is a great opportunity for the families to explore many places with their loved ones in Singapore. Even a day out on the island would make your break more exciting. The family vacation would be worthwhile if you have everything planned beforehand. Check out below to get the information, that could make your visit beautiful.

Singapore Tourist Visa For Family

It is very important to be aware of the number of days you can visit on the Visa. Basically, it allows you to stay in Singapore for a month or three consecutive months. However, you should note that currently these Visas are issued only to business travelers, family visits or people who come in transit to other countries via Singapore. Another vital point is that the period you will be staying in Singapore cannot be changed once the Visa is issued.

Singapore is one of the most loved travel destinations for Indians. To visit Singapore for your next holiday, you need to apply for a Singapore visa. The visa for Singapore is valid for 30 days and has a single-entry permit. However, based on your purpose of visit, you can apply for a Singapore tourist visa or a Singapore business visa. The 3-step visa application process is simple – Pay online, share your passport and required documents and we will get your visa processed.

You can apply for your Singapore visa for Indians starting from Rs 2,799 and receive it in 5 working days.

Types of Singapore visa

The purpose of your visit, the duration of your stay and your place of residence will decide the types of Singapore visa you are required to opt for. The Singapore tourist visa for Indians is usually valid for 30 days.

Singapore Visa Types
Visa on arrival for IndiansNo
Visa PriceRs 2,799
Processing time5 working days
Validity30 days
Type of VisaTourist Visa

Singapore Business Visa

Since Singapore is a financial hub from a global perspective, many entrepreneurs and business tycoons visit the country for business purposes. A Singapore visa is required for the same; this visa is different from the regular Singapore tourist visa. If you want to establish your business or company in Singapore, the country welcomes you to do so by granting you a Singapore business visa. The validity of this type of visa is for a year long. However, there are certain aspects including rules and regulations associated with this type of visa.

Singapore Visa Fees

ConsulateVisa Fees
SingaporeRs 2,799

Your Singapore tourist visa fees include

  1. Consulate application fees
  2. India service fees
  3. All taxes

Note: *An additional service charge is applicable.

Singapore Visa Application Process

  1. Apply & Pay Online
  2. Share your documents
  3. Get your Singapore visa

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