Singapore Visa For Indian Passport Holders In Dubai

  : Singapore has become one of the most sought after nations for work, live and visit. Everyone who is residing here are giving their best efforts to make this nation more beautiful. The city is so attractive with its charm and good appearance. If you want to know about Singapore visa for Indian passport holders in Dubai then you are here at the right spot.

The decision to seek the Singapore visa for Indians working in Dubai is an important step which ought to be taken only when you are ready with all the relevant details.

There are many countries that welcoming to the Indian passport holders, but there are few countries those provide the hassle free visa at a very nominal amount. Dubai is one of them and requires a simple visa for Indian passport holders.

Singapore Visa For Indian Passport Holders In Dubai

Even if you have a very high income if you want to live in Singapore then you need to have a ‘High Net Worth’ or Net Worth of 1 million dollars in Capital/Savings or Financial Assets. Clearly, this amount is higher than the regular requirement of having a mere minimum income. However, what’s the use of having a huge capital or savings if you don’t have a passport that is worth it and can be renewed with ease?

How to Apply for Singapore Visa from Dubai

Located off the Malay Peninsula’s southern tip in Southeast Asia, Singapore may be a tiny city-state but it’s a destination of astonishing contrasts, thanks to unrivaled cosmopolitan vibe, multi-cultural environment, inspiring nature, and high-end shopping, dining, and entertainment options. So looking for an unforgettable holiday in Singapore? Get the first step itself right by leaving the intricate task of applying of your Singapore visa online to our experts at


Just follow these simple steps to make your Singapore visa application procedures with as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Step 1: Gather & Send Us All Documents

You’ll need to compile the following documents and email to

  • Duly filled out and signed Form 14A (that is error-free as well).
  • A clear copy of the applicant’s passport bio page. Make sure that your passport is valid for six months from the time you plan to depart from Singapore.
  • One passport-size color photograph taken against white background within a time frame of three months. Al though headgears are acceptable, it’s vital that all your facial features are clearly visible in the photograph.
  • Applicant’s contact information such as email address, telephone number (reachable during day time) etc.
  • Detailed Singapore itinerary covering hotel and flight information.
  • Copies of airline ticket and hotel reservations.

Step 2: Make Visa Fee Payment

You can do this using your valid credit, debit card or any other desired payment mode.

Step 3: Submission Of Visa Application & Documents

Once the visa fee payment is done and our expert visa team receives all your above documents*, we’ll thoroughly review and verify all of them prior to their on-time submission to the Consulate – General of the Republic of Singapore in the UAE.

For documents such as the original passport, applicants should mandatorily send it to us by courier or in person.

Step 4: Receive Your Singapore Visa & Collection Of Passport

You can conveniently track the status of your visa application online. At most, it will take 3 to 5 days for your Singapore visa processing. When your Singapore Visa is approved, it will be sent to your registered email ID. And as for your original documents such as passport, it will be couriered back to your address or the desired collection centre.

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