Singapore Visa For Indians Cost

India and Singapore enjoy excellent diplomatic relations. People-to-people contacts are a major feature of the excellent relationship the two countries are making. The biggest beneficiaries of these ties are the Indians working and living in Singapore. Bid to live, work and study in this city-state is growing day by day as many foreigners especially Indians visit this place.

India has always been a popular tourist destination for Singaporeans. But with the current increase in the number of Singaporeans seeking employment opportunities overseas, the number of Singaporeans travelling to India for tourism as well as travel purposes has also increased significantly. __Packers and Movers Pune Reviews

Singapore is one of the most beautiful and cleanest countries in the world. It is surrounded by lot many islands, is a city state, has tropical weather and also has wonderful culture initiatives. All these factors make it very desirable for various types of professionals to want to go there.

Singapore Visa For Indians Cost

Most of the countries are requiring visa to India. For example, if you have Indian passport and you want to visit some other country, to visit there you should have a valid visa in your passport. Visa is a process for allowing someone to visit some other country for a short or long period.

All about Singapore Tourist Visa for Indian Citizens

Looking for a place where you will find thrill, fun, and happiness in the air? Then Singapore is an option you can consider!

Famous for its night-life and spectacular green sanctuaries, tourists in Singapore have enough to explore and experience. Singapore Changi airport is one of the largest airports in the world and is an attraction in itself for tourists and transit travelers across the world.

A magnificent place that fascinates families, solo travelers and young travelers alike. Some of its famous attractions include the Singapore Shopping Festival, the world’s largest wind tunnel for indoor skydiving, sports activities, and the infamous and art lover’s paradise, The National Art Museum! Before we dig deeper into its other attractions and lengthy travel itineraries, let’s get into the most important bit of it all, the visa!

Indian citizens need an approved visa for traveling to several destinations across the globe, Singapore being just one of them too! 

Do Indians need a visa for Singapore?

Yes, Indians do need a visa for Singapore. However, the rapid increase of tourists traveling to Singapore has made the process a lot easier and quicker.

The tourist visa issued by the embassy permits tourists for a maximum stay of 30 days and comes with a validity of 2 years. This is a multiple entry permit which means every time you travel to Singapore, you don’t have to apply for a visa!

The visa approval is based on some basic conditions that may include:

  • A valid passport with validity for 6 months to be owned by the Indian citizens from the date of arrival to Singapore.
  • Sufficient funds in your bank account of the passport holder during the period of stay in the country.

Is there a visa on arrival in Singapore for Indian citizens?

No, the visa on arrival option in Singapore does not apply to Indian citizens. And so the Indian passport holders need a previously approved visa to visit the country. 

Documents required for Singapore Tourist Visa from India

Every country has its own set of rules for visa processing. It is mandatory to furnish the credentials to get your approval for a visa application. Well in the case of Singapore, you should have documents like:

  • Indian Passport, valid for 6 months at least from the expected date of entry to Singapore.
  • If you have an old passport, enclose it also.
  • 2 recent passport size photographs of the dimension 35mm X45mm with 80% face close up, matte finish and white background. The color of the top you wear should be in contrast with white. One photograph to be pasted in the passport with the glue and signed across. While the second photo goes with the visa application form.
  • Air Tickets for both inward and outward journey.
  • Bank Statement of the last 3 months.
  • Visa Application Form-14 A.
  • Cover letter entailing details of the purpose of your visit to Singapore.

Singapore Visa fee for Indian Citizens

The visa processing fee for Indian Citizens is 30 SGD for each individual. This fee is not refundable in all the situations and is applicable if you go through the embassy. Other than this, there are some agents who can get the visa for you but they charge fees for it.

How to apply for a Singapore Tourist Visa from India?

The procedure to apply for the Singapore Tourist Visa from India is simple and it follows like:

  • Download the Singapore Tourist Visa form (14-A) online and fill in the details carefully.
  • Make sure that your passport has validity as specified.
  • Make sure you have the air tickets to be enclosed with the visa application.
  • A covering letter by the applicant stating the reason, date, and places of travel. The letter should be addressed to “The Embassy of Singapore”.
  • Submit the income tax papers and bank statement of last 3 years especially if you are a first-time traveler.
  • Produce address proof. If the place where you reside has a different address from the one mentioned in the passport, then the proofs for both will be needed.
  • Attach the confirmed booking of the hotels in Singapore.
  • After you have submitted all the documents either in person or online, pay the fees for the visa.

You can then wait for the visa processing and till the time you receive any confirmation. Once you receive the visa, Singapore is not really far. 

Singapore Tourist Visa processing time

It would take about 3-4 days in order to get the Singapore Tourist Visa. But be wise and apply at least 7 days before, considering all of them to be working days, your travel.

In case you apply through an agent, then the visa processing time can be quickened but they charge an extra fee for their services. 

Should I buy a Travel Insurance for Singapore?

The question to buy a Travel Insurance should go indisputable when you are traveling abroad for a holiday. Definitely, you don’t need a mess around while you are up to some relaxation and joy. Your Singapore Travel Insurance Policy will save you in situations where you can be completely clueless and need help. Here is how a Travel Policy will benefit you:

  • Medical emergencies or accidents do not always knock before they happen. Imagine you are on a trip and need medical assistance. You were in the hotel gym and while you were exercising on the treadmill, you slipped. It left you with some elbow injury, pain, and a little bleeding. The Travel Policy will allow the insurer to arrange for immediate medical relief to the nearest facility for any of the diseases that are covered.
  • You may happen to lose your valuables or other belongings like passport which you carried along with. On one of the rides in the play zone, you happen to drop it and did not realize. Your Travel Policy will arrange for compensation under this head.
  • Imagine if any traveler has a pre-existing illness of heart. And during his visit to Singapore, the pain created discomfort with partial paralysis which needed immediate medical attention. The person would want to return to the home with urgent medical evacuation. The Travel Policy covers the policyholder for this also.
  • Before even the trip started for a family, one of the persons was diagnosed with a chronic ailment which stopped them to take up the journey. Everyone in the family wanted the trip to be postponed for now and tickets to be canceled. In such a case, the Travel Insurance Policy will help the policyholders recover the expenses of cancellation of the tickets.

Know more about:

The scope of the cover of the policy should be known by the travelers as only then will they be able to take the complete benefit of it. It is not mandatory to buy the Travel Policy but is a good option to own one before you leave the domestic territories of India.

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