Singapore Visa For Jordanian

Are you a Jordanian citizen? In search of a Singapore Visa? You’ve landed at the right spot. You see, it is indeed possible to get a visa for Singapore provided that you’re Jordanian. And I’ll tell you how…

Last year, the first time I went to Singapore was actually a mission impossible. I failed to secure a visa due to some administrative hiccups on my part. Nevertheless, it didn’t give me the desire of going there in the first place. Despite this, I knew that I wanted to live there one day, and preferably sooner than later. So here’s my guide on how to get a Singapore visa for Jordanians like me 🙂

Jordanians are one of the numerous nationalities who are eligible to receive a visa to visit Singapore. The application requirements, eligibility criteria and documentation process is not exactly the same for each country but there are relevant rules.

Singapore Visa For Jordanian

Jordan is a country in Western Asia situated in the Middle East. With a population of over 6.5 million, Jordan accounts for 34% of the population living in the region. While Singapore is an island nation located along the southern tip of Malay Peninsula and about two-thirds the size of Brunei. For a single person going to Singapore, he/she might need a tourist visa. While for Jordanian going to Singapore will need to get a MFA (Multiple-Entry Visa).

Documents Required

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To apply for an entry visa for business or social visits, you will need the following documents:

  • Duly completed Form 14A (PDF, 202KB) signed by you. Your visa application shall be made based on the information declared in this form. ICA may request for the form to be submitted.
  • Your recent passport-sized colour photograph taken within the last three months. Please see Photo Guidelines for information on photo requirements.
  • A photocopy of your passport biodata page (valid for at least six months from the date of your entry into Singapore) 
  • A completed Form V39A (PDF, 192KB)(Letter of Introduction for Visa Application (LOI)), which may be issued by a local contact* in Singapore.

Additional supporting documents may be required on a case-by-case basis.

*The local contact must be either a Singapore citizen (SC) or a Singapore permanent resident (PR) who is at least 21 years old with a Singpass account. If you are applying for an entry visa for business visit (attending business negotiations or discussions), the local contact must be acting on behalf of the Singapore-registered business entity. LOIs issued by your Embassy can also be accepted, if you are unable to secure an LOI from a local contact to support your visa application for social and business visits.


Applying in Singapore
Your visa application can be submitted online using the e-Service through a strategic partner or a local contact in Singapore.

You are advised to apply for an entry visa within 30 days prior to arrival in Singapore.

Applying at a Singapore Overseas Mission
Your visa application can be submitted at the nearest Singapore Overseas Mission or through its authorised visa agent.

To learn about the specific visa application procedure, you will need to visit the website of the Singapore Overseas Mission you plan to go to.

You are advised to apply for an entry visa within 30 days prior to arrival in Singapore.

  • User manuals (English) for Authorised Visa Agent/Strategic Partner
    Click here for manual (PDF, 3.9MB) on submission of application for Individual Visa.
    Click here for manual (PDF, 4.6MB) on submission of application for Collective Gratis Visa.
    Click here for manual (PDF, 4.4MB) on submission of application for Family Visa.
  • User manuals (English) for Local Contact
    Click here for manual (PDF, 5MB) on submission of application for Individual Visa (for submission by individual user).
    Click here for manual (PDF, 3.8MB) on submission of application for Individual Visa (for submission by corporate/business user).
    Click here for manual (PDF, 4.3MB) on submission of application for Family Visa.


A S$30 non-refundable processing fee is payable online using a Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card.

Processing Time

Your visa application will be processed within three working days (excluding the day of submission). Some applications may take longer to process.

Each visa application will be considered on its own merits.


If your application is approved, your local contact, strategic partner or authorised visa agent can use the e-Service to print a copy of your e-Visa for you.

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