Skilled Visa In Australia

Australia has been one of the countries that welcomes skilled immigrants and elite professionals in almost every field of expertise. If you want to meet your criteria, if you want to get approved for your visa and if you want to make a huge leap in your career, then the Australian skilled Migration Program (subclass 179) is one of the most suitable channels for you.

Australia welcomes skilled professionals and Skilled Visa In Australia is an initiative started by the government to attract high skilled people.

Australia Immigration provides skilled visa to the interested professional. Whether you prefer living in some of the Australia’s most popular cities like Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Sydney, we can make your dream of living there a reality.

Skilled Visa In Australia

Skilled Australia visa is an appropriate selection for the applicants who wish to live in Australia and contribute their knowledge and expertise to this nation. By availing this visa, you can Get relaxed as well as maximum period of stay in Australian.

Skilled Occupation List – Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) – Points Tested

Below is the list of occupations which would qualify you for an Australian work visa – Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189). Step 1: You must have an occupation on the below skilled occupation list. Step 2: Complete the ONLINE ELIGIBILITY ASSESSMENT. You must satisfy the Eligibility Assessment with a score of 65 points or more.

1. Accountant

OccupationVisa TypeOccupationVisa Type
Accountant (General)MLTSSLExternal AuditorMLTSSL
Management AccountantMLTSSLTax AccountantMLTSSL

2. Architect

OccupationVisa TypeOccupationVisa Type
Landscape ArchitectMLTSSLNaval ArchitectMLTSSL
Qualified ArchitectMLTSSL

3. Engineer

OccupationVisa TypeOccupationVisa Type
Aeronautical EngineerMLTSSLAgricultural EngineerMLTSSL
Biomedical EngineerMLTSSLChemical EngineerMLTSSL
Civil EngineerMLTSSLCivil Engineering DraftspersonMLTSSL
Civil Engineering TechnicianMLTSSLElectrical EngineerMLTSSL
Electrical Engineering DraftspersonMLTSSLElectrical Engineering TechnicianMLTSSL
Engineering ManagerMLTSSLEngineering ProfessionalsMLTSSL
Environmental EngineerMLTSSLGeotechnical EngineerMLTSSL
Industrial EngineerMLTSSLMaterials EngineerMLTSSL
Mechanical EngineerMLTSSLMining Engineer (excluding Petroleum)MLTSSL
Petroleum EngineerMLTSSLPhysicistMLTSSL
Production or Plant EngineerMLTSSLStructural EngineerMLTSSL
Telecommunications EngineerMLTSSLTelecommunications Field EngineerMLTSSL
Transport EngineerMLTSSL

4. Medical Practitioner

OccupationVisa TypeOccupationVisa Type
BiochemistMLTSSLBiomedical EngineerMLTSSL
CardiologistMLTSSLCardiothoracic SurgeonMLTSSL
Clinical HaematologistMLTSSLClinical PsychologistMLTSSL
DermatologistMLTSSLDiagnostic and Interventional RadiologistMLTSSL
Emergency Medicine SpecialistMLTSSLEndocrinologistMLTSSL
GastroenterologistMLTSSLGeneral PractitionerMLTSSL
Intensive Care SpecialistMLTSSLMedical Diagnostic RadiographerMLTSSL
Medical Laboratory ScientistMLTSSLMedical OncologistMLTSSL
Medical Practitioners necMLTSSLMedical Radiation TherapistMLTSSL
Obstetrician and GynaecologistMLTSSLOccupational TherapistMLTSSL
Organisational PsychologistMLTSSLOrthopaedic SurgeonMLTSSL
Orthotist or ProsthetistMLTSSLOsteopathMLTSSL
OtorhinolaryngologistMLTSSLPaediatric SurgeonMLTSSL
PhysiotherapistMLTSSLPlastic and Reconstructive SurgeonMLTSSL
PsychologistsMLTSSLRadiation OncologistMLTSSL
Renal Medicine SpecialistMLTSSLRheumatologistMLTSSL
SonographerMLTSSLSpecialist Physician (General Medicine)MLTSSL
Specialist Physicians necMLTSSLSpeech PathologistMLTSSL
Surgeon (General)MLTSSLThoracic Medicine SpecialistMLTSSL
UrologistMLTSSLVascular SurgeonMLTSSL

5. Nurse

OccupationVisa TypeOccupationVisa Type
Nurse PractitionerMLTSSLRegistered Nurse (Aged Care)MLTSSL
Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)MLTSSLRegistered Nurse (Community Health)MLTSSL
Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)MLTSSLRegistered Nurse (Developmental Disability)MLTSSL
Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)MLTSSLRegistered Nurse (Medical Practice)MLTSSL
Registered Nurse (Medical)MLTSSLRegistered Nurse (Mental Health)MLTSSL
Registered Nurse (Paediatrics)MLTSSLRegistered Nurse (Perioperative)MLTSSL
Registered Nurse (Surgical)MLTSSLRegistered NursesMLTSSL

6. Veterinarian

OccupationVisa Type

7. Surveyor

OccupationVisa Type

8. Cartographer

OccupationVisa Type

9. Social Worker

OccupationVisa Type
Social WorkerMLTSSL

10. Chef

OccupationVisa Type

11. Pharmacist

OccupationVisa Type
Hospital PharmacistMLTSSL
Retail PharmacistMLTSSL
Industrial PharmacistMLTSSL

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