Skilled Work Visa For Canada

If you want to move to Canada, start searching for immigration websites in Google. Here you will find information about immigration to Canada and its requirements. Below is a list of factors that will help you get a skilled work visa for Canada.

Are you a skilled worker planning to immigrate to Canada? There are so many advantages to immigrating to Canada and acquiring a Canadian work visa has became much easier. If you have higher education, specific skills, or a good job offer from a Canadian company, then you could be eligible for the Canadian work visa.

Skilled Work Visa For Canada

There are several ways to immigrate to Canada permanently: getting accepted as a skilled worker under Federal or Provincial/Territorial categories, business investment program, as family members of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and through humanitarian programs. However, applying under one of these options can be very difficult. Here is a guide that lays out the procedure for obtaining your Canadian work visa.

Find out if you are eligible to apply

Do you want to live permanently in Canada and work in a skilled job?

Answer a few questions to find out if you might be able to apply under Express Entry.

There are three immigration programs under Express Entry, and each has different requirements. You will need about 10 to 15 minutes to fill out this form.

You will be asked questions about your:

  • nationality
  • age
  • language ability
  • family members
  • education
  • work experience
  • details on any job offer

Based on your answers, we will tell you what programs you may be eligible for, so be as accurate as you can.

If you are eligible for Express Entry, we will give you a detailed list of instructions on what to do next. This would include filling out an online profile.

Based on this profile, if you meet the requirements, you will be put in a pool of candidates for immigration, and possibly invited to apply to immigrate.

Check your eligibility

Important: This information is for reference only and no immigration decision will be made based on your answers. If you choose to apply, your application will be considered by an immigration officer in accordance with the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, without regard to any outcome you attain through this questionnaire. Read the full notice.

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