Vacation For Broken Heart

If you are seeing this article on vacation for broken heart, then it means someone very close to you has left you. This can be a spouse or a partner. Maybe this is your child who has gone away to study in a very far off place without inviting you. You might have also lost your parents or a sibling in a tragic car accident. There can be many reasons why you are facing such a situation. But do not get down, you should not feel sad about it.

It’s no secret that our busy lives can get us down. Sometimes, we need to take the time to stop and relax. That’s when a nice vacation can help you get back your sanity. But many people don’t want to travel alone…or leave their pets behind. Do you fall into that category? It’s possible that you could be suffering from a broken heart — and this article will help you find a cure for it (while also telling the history of what some people would consider its source).

Vacations can be so tricky when you are dating or married. This is your chance to show them how much they mean to you. You want to do something special that shows them you care, yet there are a lot of challenges that come up as well.

Vacation For Broken Heart

After a breakup, you need more than just time to heal. A breakup can leave you emotionally vulnerable, causing you to let go of the things that no longer matter. Make a list of destinations that speak to your real interests and wish list fantasies—the ones you would visit if you had money. Then choose one destination that is both affordable and within driving distance. If you’re really strapped, choose a place less than an hour away by car.

Yet, we somehow always find a way to pick ourselves up and keep going — whether it’s by meeting new people or drowning our sorrows in a big bowl of Rocky Road.

However, sometimes the best way to get over an ex is to pack your bags and get away.

Whether you want to go the “Eat, Pray, Love” route or would prefer to party with someone new, here are the 19 best trips to take to mend a broken heart.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Tourist Traveler Photographing Machu Picchu
Inca ruins at Machu Picchu, Peru. 

If you thought your ex took your breath away, wait until you see the stunning views of Machu Picchu, set high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. And if that won’t do it, the multi-day uphill trek along the historic Inca Trail will.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas
Bustling streets of Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Is there a better place to distract yourself from your ex than Sin City? Between wild pool parties, incredible shows, and the many games at the many casinos, you won’t have a second to think about them. Even better, Vegas is home to some of the most famous pawn shops in the world, such as Gold & Silver Pawn Shop from the History Channel’s show “Pawn Stars, Vegas,” so why not make some money off of your ex’s gifts?

Lisdoonvarna, Ireland

Matchmaking festival
Find your next lover at Lisdoonvarna’s Matchmaking Festival. 

Sometimes the best way to get over someone is to put yourself out there again. The Matchmaking Festival in Lisdoonvarna is the perfect place to start. The festival, which goes from September 1 through October 8, attracts over 40,000 people, and pairs many of them off thanks to speed-dating events and dances in pubs. There are also daily matchmaking sessions with Matchmaker Willie Daly in his ‘office’ — the Matchmaker Bar.

Waterbury, Vermont

Ben and Jerry's
Everyone knows ice cream and breakups go hand in hand 

If you’re going to cry over a bowl of ice cream, you may as well do it in style at the Ben and Jerry’s Factory located in picturesque Waterbury, Vermont. While enjoying your 30-minute guided tour and free cone, kick back and watch the screaming children running around on sugar highs. The prospect of being forever alone suddenly won’t seem quite so bad.

Reykjavik, Iceland

blue lagoon iceland
Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. 

Going through a breakup is exhausting. Get some much-needed r&r at the famed Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland, which is said to have healing powers. Just under an hour from Reykjavik, this world-renowned geothermal spa has every type of luxurious spa service you could think of, including in-water massages. Plus, posting pics to your timeline is sure to make your ex jealous.

Bath, England

Bath, England
A bath in Bath, England. 

Escape the reality of your heartbreak by entering the fantasy of your favorite novel instead. Embrace your inner Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy Fitzwilliam in Bath, England, where you can explore Jane Austen’s hometown, and even stay where she lived. There’s a museum about her in town, as well as a Jane Austen Festival in September, where you can really get into the spirit with costumes, workshops, and Regency dances. 

Tel Aviv, Israel

tel aviv
The sandy shores of Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Tel Aviv was voted one of the best vacation destinations for single men. Work on your tan at the city’s beautiful beaches, get fit at one of the many outdoor gyms alongside them, and forget your ex while enjoying the wild nightlife Tel Aviv is known for, at famous clubs like The Block.

Voss, Norway

Voss, Norway
White water rafting on Stranda River in Voss, Norway. 

Sometimes nothing heals the spirit more than taking the time to connect with nature, which Voss in Norway has in spades. Check out Tvindefossen, a beautiful waterfall that’s about 500 feet high, hike breathtaking Bordalsgjelet Gorge, go river rafting on Stranda River, or take a cruise to see some of Norway’s most famous fjords, Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord. While you’re there, jump on a train to Bergen, Norway, on the famous Flåm Railway. The route from Voss to Bergen is considered one of the world’s most scenic train rides, with endless fjord views whizzing by right outside your window.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

elephant sanctuary
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Replace your old cuddle buddy with a better one. Head out to this small town in Northern Thailand to feed, play with, bathe, and, of course, cuddle formerly abused elephants at the charming Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. A trunk hug is enough to heal any heart.

Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania Australia Bridge
Tasmania’s Richmond Bridge. 

If your ex has soured your faith in humanity, get as far away from other people as you can at this ruggedly isolated island off Australia’s south coast. You definitely won’t be running into your them out here.

Zagreb, Croatia

Museum of Broken Relationships
Ride an emotional rollercoaster at the Museum of Broken Relationships. 

Misery loves company, so head to Zagreb’s Museum of Broken Relationships, which is filled with exhibits of personal objects left behind by former lovers, accompanied by their stories.

Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon
Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon. 

If nothing takes the pain away like knocking back a few cold ones, then this small town in northeast Oregon is the perfect place for you. Known for having the highest micro-brewery per capita in the United States, it holds the title of “Beer City USA.” The town also features a beer trail that lets you drink your way across its 22 breweries, but you should start at Bend’s original brewery, Deschutes Brewery, which is known for its Black Butte Porter and Mirror Pond Pale Ale.

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