Vacation For Cancer Patients

12/24/07:Cancer sucks. It can be a long and painful journey, but with the right care, you can beat this disease. Are you a cancer patient? Did your doctor recommend a vacation to help with your treatment? Don’t know how to find a vacation that’s safe and affordable while you fight breast cancer or treat lung cancer.

Cancer is a terrible disease that over 50% of the people who are diagnosed with it never survive. In fact, 1 out of every 2 men and women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Cancer travels quickly from your body’s cells to other places in the body, often times without any symptoms at all. Unfortunately, cancer is becoming more and more common, but there is no need to fear it or think it’s the end of your road because there is a way for you to get away from it! People who suffer from cancer are statistically more likely to take a vacation than non-cancer patients. That’s where I come in as an individual who offers cancer patients free vacations to places of their choosing. I do this through an organization I started called Vacation For Cancer Patients, which helps give cancer patients something they will normally never experience—a life outside of cancer—free of charge. All vacations are 100% free, paid for by my own money, with absolutely no strings attached to them.

Vacation For Cancer Patients

Cancer patients may have to undergo a lot of pain and suffering as they live each day with cancer. Doctors have an obligation to help them reduce cancer symptoms during the course of treatment.However, some cancer treatments can make it difficult or impossible for patients to travel. This can make it very difficult for them to get away from the stresses of their life.But some doctors are working on making this easier for their patients, by giving them vacations. In fact,many hospitals, clinics and research facilities have started providing trips to cancer patients and their families.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, you may be wondering what options are available for getting away from it all. Is your insurance policy enough to cover a traditional medical resort? What about making plans that take into account the special needs of your condition? Maybe all you want is to get back to a simpler time.

Dream Foundation

The Dream Foundation  provides wish fulfillment for adults with cancer who are terminally ill with a life expectancy of a year or less.  Travel or vacation wishes must be fulfilled within the US.  The vacation can include children under 18 and another adult who is a caregiver.  They provide transportation and lodging as well as admission to destinations like theme parks.


Epic Experience

If you like the outdoors, Epic Experience provides free week-long outdoor adventures for adults of all ages diagnosed with cancer.  The diagnosis could have been recent or one that you had 10 or 15 years ago. Located in a 250-acre dude ranch in Arvada, Colorado, campers are taught how to kayak in the summer and snowshoe or ski in the winter.

Eternal Wish Foundation

This foundation is interested in providing experiences to people with a life-threatening or terminal illness who cannot afford an “experience” wish.  They offer this wish to the affected adult and one other person who could be a family member or caregiver.   They give preference to people located in Wisconsin.


Fill Your Bucket List Foundation

This foundation grants wishes to adults with cancer and the friends and family they love.  Those with strong financial need are given priority.  They help with identifying wishes and they take care of the financial and logistical details to make the wish a reality.  They give preference to people living in North Carolina.

Grant Angel Wishes and

This wish foundation grants wishes for people with a 12 month or less prognosis.  They do not pay  for transportation, food or any on-site expenses.  They provide three-night, four-day stays at a hotel or motel and cover the one-day admission tickets for the following venues:  Universal Studios-Los Angeles, CA, SeaWorld-San Diego, CA, Morgan’s Wonderland-San Antonio, TX or they provide tickets to a Broadway show in  New York City.

Kick Cancer Overboard

If you live in New Jersey, there is an organization that provides free cruises to people living with cancer. Kick Cancer Overboard’s strategy is to sell spaces on cruises to healthy people and also raise money in fundraisers.  The more spaces they sell and the more fundraisers they run, the more people they can send on free cruises.  Their 8th annual cruise is going to Bermuda later this month.

Reeling and Healing Midwest

This is a fly-fishing weekend retreat for women of any age with cancer, whether in or out of treatment.  The lodging, lessons and meals are included.  However, your transportation costs as well as a $30 registration fee and 1 day fishing license are not covered.  Spouses are not allowed to attend but female family members may also come along as participants.

Stella’s Wish Foundation 

Stella’s Wish Foundation is dedicated to granting wishes for adults with Stage 4 cancer.   The wishes that have been granted range from redecorating a bedroom to a cruise with family to a trip to meet a celebrity or see family.

For help finding a local wish granting organization, you can call Compassion Partners (they don’t have a website) at 407-396-5320.

If you are aware of any other free respite opportunities for adults who have been affected by cancer, please let us know by commenting below.

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  1. Carmen Torres June 3, 2017Its there a free vacation for diabetic and people who suffer of depretion and anxiety?Reply
    • Phyllis Miller February 9, 2019Are they dying? This is for people in Stage IV Cancer of their lives who have no chance of survival. We have all fallen victims of depression and anxiety. Maybe some a little more than others and diabetes is handled with medication and thank God doctors are doing more and more with curing diabetes. I don’t mean to sound cold but please keep in mind what these websites are for when asking a question and know people are looking for loved ones to give them one more day of happiness before they have no more days on earth.Reply
      • Sandra Batten Frantz August 2, 2019My bestfriend Tammy Barber has stage 4 metastatic lung cancer and it has spread to her bran and to her lymphnods. Yesterday tammy and her youngest daughter shelby went to the doctors office and the doctor asked Tammy was there anything she really wanted to do and Tammy said I really want to go on a cruise. Shes never taken a cruise and Tammy’s doctor said well honey if you are wanting to take a cruise. You need to go a head and get it done. My bestfriend was also told yesterday that she couldn’t have anymore chemotherapy because it would only hurt her worse. Tammy my heart. From the 1st time I met Tammy I knew then that I’d always love her and I would always need her in my life. My heart breaks seeing her journey be such a painful heartbreaking one. Tammy would give anyone her last dollar if they needed it and tha person would never have to ask for it. She has always been my hero and as I watch her struggle daily i would do anything to fulfill her wish. Tammy wants to take a cruise. Theres no cure Katie is what she says when I fight back the tears because she always use to say I GOT THIS CANCER BEAT!! IT WILL NOT BEAT ME. AND NOW my bestfriend is fighting a battle that’s out of her hands and in God’s hands now. So I’m begging for a few minutes of peace and pain free minutes everyday day for Tammy. And I’m asking for help to help Tammy to be able to take a cruise very soon before shes not able to. The doctors dont seem to think we have much time left for Tammy to do what shes always wanted to do. I’m not even sure what to do to fulfill Tammy’s wish. I just know I gotta do everything I can to make sure Tammy gets to take her cruise and has a amazing time.

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