Vacation In Brooklyn

It is commonly known that vacationing can be a great way to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and simply enjoy the sights. However, while many people travel to popular destinations in attempt to forget about their day-to-day stresses, some find themselves surrounded by even more chaos. From long lines to little time to explore, the thought of visiting an urban destination for your next vacation may seem crazy. But, what if you were able to get away from city hotspots and visit one of the coolest vacation spots in all of New York City? Enter Brooklyn!

Brooklyn is the most populous and culturally diverse county in New York, it’s second only to Manhattan in tourism, with over 50 million visitors every year. This means that there are many tourist spots worth visiting while in Brooklyn.

What’s in store for you next vacation? If you’re looking for an experience that’s immersed in American history , home to world-class art and architecture, and named among the top 10 comedy cities in the world, your best bet may be to book a trip to Brooklyn. Recently named the third best city in America, Brooklyn has good reason to brag. It’s packed with appealing features that never fail to impress, from its diverse arts scene and extensive public park system, to the charming street markets and the historic Brooklyn Bridge . And it isn’t just locals who are flocking to get a piece of the action: visitors are arriving to discover what all the fuss is about, too.

You are planning a trip to New York City. You want to experience the best of everything. But you know that the best things cost money. In this article, I’ll share with you my affordable alternatives to expensive attractions in one of the most visited cities in the world…

Vacation In Brooklyn

Where do you go to vacation? For most, it is the closest beach or favorite theme park. But that’s a bit serious, isn’t it?

Brooklyn offers so many things to see and do, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of options, we’ve highlighted 20 activities and spots you must visit when you’re in town. From a walk across an iconic bridge to an afternoon in a botanic garden, there are many ways to spend the day in the borough. Be sure to include some of these on your Brooklyn itinerary.

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Find the Best Views of Manhattan

East River Ferry in New York City
Corbis via Getty Images / Getty Images

One of the best parts about visiting Brooklyn is enjoying the views of Manhattan across the East River. All along the waterfront from DUMBO to Williamsburg, you can find plenty of rooftop bars, where you’ll find amazing views of the skyline. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge and the William Vale are two particularly popular spots, but you can also enjoy the view from one of the waterfront parks or take the East River Ferry across for some more dynamic skyline-watching.

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Play a Few Rounds of Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard Court at Resort Hotel
Aaron Hawkins / Getty Images


ADDRESS514 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA

WEB Visit website

If your trip to Brooklyn is inspiring you to embrace your inner-hipster, it doesn’t get more ironic or fun than a trip to the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Gowanus. This 17,000 square-foot Florida-themed bar has 10 full-sized shuffleboard courts and an on-site food truck. The sport has even become so popular in Brooklyn, the club runs its own league and competitions. It is a bar, so the venue is not family-friendly and does have a strict 21+ only rule. Also, courts fill up fast so make sure you make a reservation ahead of time.

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Explore the Borough By Bike

Line of Citibikes
TripSavvy / Donghee Eim

If you want to get around like a true Brooklynite, renting a Citi Bike, or going through a traditional bike shop, is a great way to see the borough. You can design your route based on what you personally want to see, like biking across the Brooklyn Bridge or opt for a more organized bike tour. There are lots of tour operators like Brooklyn Bike Tours that have tours themed around graffiti or beer or can even guide you all the way to Coney Island. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to bike alone in New York, a bike tour is a great way to ease into it.

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Go Dancing at the House of Yes

House of Yes, Brooklyn
Mike Sailor


ADDRESS2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA

PHONE +1 646-838-4937

WEB Visit website

If you’re looking for a semi-scandalous experience to summarize the heart of Brooklyn’s club scene, the House of Yes is it. In Bushwick, right next to the Jefferson Street stop, this night club is known for its grand burlesque and circus-themed productions and patrons that put everything and more into their outfits. All guests are encouraged, but not required, to wear costumes, which is a great reason to hit the thrift shops like nearby L Train Vintage earlier in the day. All of the dance parties are typically 21+, but you can check the online calendar for any upcoming “all ages” shows. You can either buy tickets at the door or online.

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Get Pizza and See Art in DUMBO

A scenic view of the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo
 Stella Levantesi / TripSavvy

DUMBO, a once-industrial neighborhood turned trendy artsy hot spot, has spectacular views of Manhattan and New York’s beautiful bridges, including the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s the first neighborhood in Brooklyn you’ll find after walking the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a combination of old warehouses, interesting shops and restaurants, and pricey high-rise apartments. You can find art galleries and occasionally big neighborhood art shows here. And DUMBO is home to the famous pizzeria Grimaldi’s, as well as Jacques Torres chocolate shopSt. Ann’s Warehouse (which hosts edgy theatrical performances), and numerous other artsy venues. 

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Visit the Brooklyn Navy Yard

the rooftop of Rooftop Reds and the skyline view
Rooftop Reds 


ADDRESSBrooklyn Navy Yard, 63 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205, USA

One way or the other, the Brooklyn Bridge is a must-see when traveling to Brooklyn. It’s not just an enjoyable experience for tourists, many born-and-bred New Yorkers find themselves still charmed by the bridge. The Brooklyn Bridge connects two great New York City boroughs, Manhattan and Brooklyn, and you can walk it, drive it, bike it, or just admire it from afar from multiple vantage points around the city.

There’s even a dedicated pedestrian walkway on the Brooklyn Bridge, above the roaring car traffic, so it’s a wonderful stroll. If you’re really rushing, it should only take you about half an hour to walk across the bridge, but most people should account for a whole hour, especially if you think you’ll need a lot of time to take photos.

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