Vacation In Cabo Mexico

If you’re looking for a magnificent vacation away from the daily grind, Cabo Mexico could be the place for you. Imagine spending time in this gem of a city with crystal blue water and tangles of desert brush, getting away from the noise of everyday living. There’s something special about Cabo that makes it one of the top vacation destinations in Mexico and around the world.

Travel is the best way to explore Mexico and a vacation in Cabo is an exciting way to experience its fun filled culture, nature and its hospitality. Cabo is the most popular destination for travelers from all over the world because this coastal city offers everything that one would look for in an ideal vacation spot.

Cabo San Lucas is a popular vacation spot for people around the world. Due to its popularity many people have already discovered the beautiful beaches of Cabo. Many will visit for the vacations and others for the pristine emerald water, white sandy beach and a great climate year round. It does not matter its many reasons to go you need to start planning your vacation to Cabo San Lucas today!

Vacation In Cabo Mexico

Cabo San Lucas is a vacation spot which is about 410 miles from SAB. This beach vacations location sure is an ideal place for people who are waiting to have fun and excitement. The Cabo’s community attracts tourists from far points of the world and also from the united states. There are plenty of things that people can experience if they select to come here to have their vacations.

I’ve been traveling several times a year to Los Cabos and Baja California Sur for nearly 30 years, first on a travel-writing assignment and later on many more trips, some to do research for more articles about new places there and others just to have fun with friends.

When I began exploring the region, even the most posh resorts cost no more than $300 a night. Fast-forward to 2022, and that’s the price for a low-end hotel with basic rooms and few amenities. It’s just the nature of the Cabo beast, as over the years, it’s become a playground for the ultrarich and very famous. 

It’s pretty clear things in Los Cabos have changed over the years when you hear that it’s the place where the side-by-side Cabo “Casamigos” villas that George Clooney and his power-couple pals Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber built together in 2009 and sold for $100 million in 2016. While gorgeous villa rentals are definitely an integral part of the modern Cabo experience (see Cabo Platinum below, for instance), there is still a good variety of accommodations to be had in Baja California Sur.

Visitors should know that Cabo San Lucas skews to the higher end of the price ranges these days. But there are still less expensive places to stay, and venturing beyond Cabo San Lucas to La Paz is a smart way to save money and have an equally grand vacation.

Note that many of the Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo resorts do not have swimmable beaches because of the rip currents and rocky shores. All have pools — some are incredibly beautiful, too — but if getting in the ocean is an important part of your vacation experience, there are a limited number of places with swimmable beaches, so choose wisely.

Here are 11 of my favorite places to stay, priced across the board.

the One&Only Palmilla in Cabo San Lucas
This hotel is a Cabo institution, hosting guests for over 60 years. 

One&Only Palmilla

The granddaddy of high-end resort hotels in Cabo, the One&Only Palmilla has been open for over 60 years and remains the benchmark for all others that have followed. The resort has it all, from incredibly elegant rooms, suites, and villas (the Clooney-Garber-Crawford villas are within the privately owned Palmilla enclave) to gorgeous patios with cushy daybeds overlooking the ocean and sleek Mexican architectural designs. Add in the luxurious spa, fine-dining restaurants, and private Pelican Beach with swimmable waters and cabanas, as well as incredible service, and you’re left with a truly memorable Cabo resort. One&Only established its reputation decades ago and remains a magnet for celebrities and others who value their privacy and first-class service; the price per night for an ocean-view room here is always high, no matter the season.

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Montage Los Cabos Cabo San Lucas mexico travel guide
The Montage is one of Cabo’s newest hotels. 

Montage Los Cabos

Much newer on the Cabo scene is the ultra-modern Montage Los Cabos Resort, which was built in 2018 on the Bahia Santa Maria, a small, protected beach bay that offers an idyllic setting — including swimming, snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding, and direct access to its scuba-diving boat.

On my 2021 visit to the resort, I discovered that the diving experience was truly first class there. Having their own on-property dive shop meant that I was outfitted right on the beach at the tentlike shop with all the scuba gear I needed, then ferried via dinghy right out into the bay, where the dive boat was anchored. It was a wonderful change from the usual dive experience in Cabo, which involves early bus pickups, bumpy (and often long) drives to a marina dive shop, gearing up there to finally board the boat to go out for the dives, and then a repeat of that time-consuming ritual on the return.

Once I hopped on to that nearby boat, we went to two dive sites, where we found sea turtles, whitetip sharks, and spotted eagle rays. The best part of this semiprivate diving experience was that we all accomplished all that in just a few hours and were back in time for a leisurely lunch at the Montage, which was quite the feat, as a two-dive experience in Los Cabos usually takes up most of the day.

Montage’s other amenities include a massive spa with kink-removing treatments, an adults-only serenity pool, and mezcal. The resort’s fine-dining restaurant overlooks the water with patio seating and serves up a blend of traditional Mexican dishes and more modern takes on seafood, paired with mezcal, tequila, or wines, all made in Mexico. Expect to pay premium prices to stay at the Montage Los Cabos.

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Nobu Hotel in Cabo San Lucas
Unwind in this hotel’s luxurious wood-panelled rooms overlooking the coast. 

Nobu Hotel Los Cabos

On the Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas, which is the western side of the very end of the Baja California peninsula, there was once only desert and windswept beaches. For the past 10 years or so, resorts have been popping up at a growing rate. One of the newest arrivals is the Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, which opened in late 2019.

The Nobu Hotel wows guests with its sleek Japanese design, adapted to reflect the Cabo sensibility, with an open-air feel throughout, from the lobby to the restaurants and bars, all adhering a minimalist look that melds stone and wood into an ultramodern look. The bathrooms in all the rooms and suites have stunning deep soaking tubs and burnished pebble-stone walls that are seemingly constructed without any mortar.

At the Nobu Los Cabos restaurant, delicacies are served straight from the ocean. The sushi is excellent, with pieces like yellowtail with jalapeno melting in your mouth and just a touch of heat giving it a slight zing, and the spicy tuna hand roll giving a satisfying crunch and a burst of just-caught freshness. The tiradito (Mexican raw-fish dishes) is sublime, with the octopus version presented as delicate bites of salty-sweet meat, and the black cod with miso’s savory sake-infused soft bites made my eyes roll back into my head with delight. 

Nobu is adjacent to the Tiger Woods-designed private golf course Diamante, a just-challenging-enough 18 holes that accepts your tee-time reservations if you are staying at the Nobu Hotel. But there is no beach access here, so plan to swim in the pools rather than in the Pacific.

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Cabo Platinum hotel in Cabo San Lucas
Stay in one of this company’s many large luxury homes across the peninsula. 

Cabo Platinum

If you’re coming to Cabo with a crowd (be it family, friends, or a wedding party), I recommend considering a villa rental from Cabo Platinum. The company handles 95 spectacular luxury homes across the Los Cabos region that average 5,000 square feet and have at least four bedrooms, as well as swimming pools and fantastic views of the ocean. Pricing starts at about $1,000 a night, which means bringing a crowd to one of these houses is less expensive than many of the resorts in the area.

The villa experience can be customized any way you choose, from simply arriving to a fully stocked fridge to booking a personal chef and butler, as well as housekeeping services. The Cabo Platinum concierge is also available to make your vacation seamless, from setting up scuba-diving trips, horseback-riding adventures, and whale-watching sailboat rentals, to coordinating childcare, shopping tours, or whatever else fulfills your vacation dreams. Owned by a Cabo San Lucas family, this company has the inside track on the best of everything to be had in Baja California Sur.

Sunset Pueblo Bonito in Cabo San Lucas
This child-friendly resort is great for families, with six pools across its grounds. 

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort

For an all-inclusive experience that will appeal particularly to families, the all-suites Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort on the Pacific side of Cabo is a choice that delights both parents and children. Kids up to 11 can join the kids camp all day long and be treated to outdoor activities like pool games, treasure hunts, and beach volleyball. There’s even a “fun lab” with an arcade and PlayStation consoles when it’s time to cool down. 

The resort is so large (over 700 suites and six swimming pools) that adults will barely notice the children, especially when ensconced in the spa. The all-inclusive package covers all food and beverages (try the top-notch Mexican cuisine at LaFrida Restaurant, my favorite is the Michoacán pork carnitas) day and night, as well as some of the activities at the resort, including Spanish lessons, cooking classes, water aerobics, dancing lessons, and bingo. As a golfer, I especially appreciated the access to the Quivira Golf Club and its Jack Nicklaus-designed oceanfront course. It’s a real beauty, challenging and incredibly scenic all at once. Playing a round costs extra, as do spa treatments and other adventure excursions away from the resort.

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