Vacation In California This Summer

Author’s Bio: Michael Raines is a professional blogger. He is helping the people to find out their perfect vacation destinations these days. California is one of the lovely destination for winter as well as summer vacations and real estate.

California is a fantastic state for vacationing. It’s sunny, the beaches are warm, and the people are unlike any other. If you’re looking for a hot spot to visit this summer, consider California as your choice of vacation spots.

Summer in California is perfect for a vacation. The weather is perfect for hiking, the theme parks are popular, and even house prices are within everyone’s budget. This provides a great mix of adventure and relaxation with affordable lodging options. Here are some of the best places to visit during summer.

Think sunny beach-fronts and California air has your travel plans sidelined? Think again! San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento are affordable urban destinations. Here are five vacation ideas to help you get out of the dreary winter weather and into a sunnier state of mind.

Vacation In California This Summer

If you’re still on the fence about visiting Southern California for your next vacation, here are five reasons to convince you that it’s the perfect place.

Whether you are traveling to California or you already live in the Golden State and are looking for the cheapest places to visit in California, you’ll have a surprising number of options. This is a huge state with a wide variety of places that don’t break the bank.

People who are looking for a cheap California vacation or the cheapest places to travel in California can visit some amazing cities, towns and entertainment areas that suit any type of budget.

cheapest places to visit in California

Below, you will find the ultimate list of the best and cheap weekend getaways in California including everything you need to know to make your cheap California travel a success with a couple of budget travel tips.

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10 Cheapest places to travel in California

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Big Bear is just 2 hours drive away from Los Angeles and is one of the cheapest vacation spots in California. Whether it is summer or winter, Big Bear and Big Bear Lake both are amazing places to escape into nature.

This is a popular ski destination in the USA and can get crowded in winter. Getting a cheap deal on accommodation in Big Bear can be difficult during the winter season.

But if you travel in summer, Big Bear Lake and nearby Lake Arrowhead are popular lake destinations in California and have plenty of things to offer its visitors like hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, mountain biking, and many more.

Best Deal on Hiking Gears

Although Big Bear has no offseason but traveling in the shoulder season can save your budget. During spring and fall time, one can find some great deals on accommodations.

Cheap or Free Things to do in Big Bear

  • Visit Big Bear Alpine Zoo, located right next to Big Bear Mountain Resort. You can see some native animals in this area such as black bears, arctic foxes, bald eagles.
  • Big Bear Lake itself has a lot of water activities. Rent a kayak or take a boat ride in the lake. If you are looking for something more interesting try your hand at fishing.
  • You can hike the San Bernadino Mountains, one of the best hikes in southern California, or can explore the place by riding on a mountain bike. Castle Rock trail is another popular scenic hike(short) that offers a stunning panoramic view from the top.
  • During winter, Big Bear is popular as a ski spot that offers ski run for all levels.
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Cheap vacations in California | Big Bear Lake
Big Bear Lake

Suggested Budget for Big Bear

Hotel(2 people): $55-100
Food: $15-20
Transport: $20
Activities: $10-15
Daily Budget: $70/person

Cheap Hotels in Big Bear Lake

  • Robinhood Resort: It is an affordable hotel in Big Bear Lake that features an onsite tavern and pub for a variety of food and entertainment options. 
  • Big Bear Frontier: Nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains, surrounded by tall pines this breathtaking resort expresses a chic, yet rustic charm that offers serenity and tranquility. Cabins are very cute and close to the lake.

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#2 VENTURA – Cheapest Places to Visit in California

Just north of Los Angeles, Ventura is an inexpensive beach town outside the hustle and bustle of city life. It is a laid-back beach town with lots of free activities, natural beauty, and reasonable accommodations.

Ventura is not all about the beach. Beyond this, it has a delightful Ventura Pier and promenade, gardens, and natural beauties.

Cheap or Free Things to do in Ventura

  • Take a short stroll on the Ventura Pier in the evening and watch the shimmering sunset. The promenade is perfect for morning or evening runs. You can rent a bike and explore the Ventura Pier.
  • Ventura Botanical Gardens is a popular botanical garden in California and it is free to visit. Follow the walking trail that leads uphill and offers mesmerizing ocean vistas.
  • Take a boat ride to Channel Island National Park. It opens daily and admission is free here. Learn about this island, see exhibits. You can spend a nice family time here.
  • Visit The San Buenaventura Mission which was built in 1749. This Spanish mission has experienced pirate attacks, fires, earthquake but still is in working order. The admission fee for adults is $4 and for kids just $1.
  • If you love biking, don’t miss the chance to explore Paved Bike Path. The path goes to the neighboring city of Ojai which is also known as ‘Shangri La’ for its stunning landscapes.

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