Vacation In Canada

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Vacationing in Canada presents many appealing possibilities. Canada is a land of tremendous geographical, cultural, and historical diversity. That’s why many find our country to be the perfect vacation destination for their holidays.

Canada is a beautiful country that needs to be appreciated. There are thousands of sites in Canada that are waiting to be discovered. There are a lot of things to visit and you will always discover something new. Canadian culture is so diverse, you can easily find sites that represent the part of Canada you want to visit.

Canada is one of the most popular destinations in the world – best recognized for its breathtaking natural beauty and its rich cultural heritage. From the hustle and bustle of its many urban centers, to the peaceful pleasure of getting lost in its vast forests, Canada offers an exciting vacation for every taste and budget. And there’s no better time to jump on a Canadian vacation than today.

Vacation In Canada

Canada, officially the Canada the Great White North and the Home of the Brave (also affectionately known as), is a client state on the northeastern part of North America. It occupies land from Hudson Bay to Nunavut and from Newfoundland to Alaska. Its 10 provinces are scattered across two regions: Canadian Shield, running about a third of its length, in the east, where there are four subcontinents as well; and North American Platform for most of its remaining territory, where five more subcontinents are located.

The best places to visit in Canada are a proof that the country has a heart bigger than its size when it comes to satiating the wanderlust of every type of traveler. You would happily agree with us once you see them with your own eyes. Be it the lakes, the gardens, or the cities as a whole, Canada has got it all that would make your holiday worthwhile! Explore the cosmopolitan Toronto streets and the mountains of Canadian Rockies.

There is a whole lot of destinations that  you can visit in this second largest country in the world. Canada will mesmerize you with its vibrant landscapes, raw nature, and soul-filling culture. No wonder, people oftne flock to Canada for a dose of adventure and exuberance.

Take a look at these places in Canada so that you know which ones you need to put on the top of your list!

40 Best Places To Visit In Canada In 2022

Canada is a country has half of its land covered in forests, which should come as no surprise as one-tenth of the total forests of the world are in Canada. Thinking about exploring Canada? Here is the perfect list of the great places to visit in Canada on your trip. Take a look at the best places in Canada and choose which ones are you going to explore on your trip!

  • Niagara Falls: An Elegant View
  • Whistler: Your Perfect Ski Resort
  • Quebec City: Explore The French Influence
  • St. John’s: An Artist’s Retreat
  • Tofino: A Water Lover’s Paradise
  • Churchill: Seek Tons Of Adventure
  • Old Montreal: Discover An Old-World Charm
  • Banff National Park: A Popular Destination
  • Stanley Park: The French Connection
  • Butchart Gardens: A Picture-Perfect Land
  • Okanagan Valley: A Paradise For Tourists
  • Gros Morne National Park: Explore The Geological Diversity
  • Algonquin Provincial Park: A Perfect Spot For Tourists
  • Yoho National Park: A Must Visit Destination
  • CN Tower, Toronto: For A Remarkable Time
  • Lake Louise: Perfect For Adventure Sports
  • Bay Of Fundy: Witness The Oceanic Experience
  • The Yukon: A Magical Delight
  • Garibaldi Lake: With Wondrous Sights
  • Pyramid Lake: A Picturesque Water Resource
  • Cheakamus Lake: For Stunning Views
  • Maligne Lake: Paradise For Photographers
  • Hornby Island: A Simple Slice Of Land
  • Cape Breton: An Unexplored Land
  • Forillon National Park: Hike The Untamed Trails
  • Moraine Lake: Witness The Clear Reflection Of Mountains
  • Perce Rock: Admire The Natural Beauty
  • Mingan Monoliths: Gape At The Oldest Monoliths
  • Jasper National Park: Get Ready For Adventure
  • Peggy’s Cove: Explore The Hidden Gem
  • Mount Logan: Stand On The Highest Peak In Canada
  • Osoyoos: Taste Wine & Get The Best Views
  • Columbia Icefield Skywalk: Watch The Beauty From Up Top
  • The Grotto: Haven For Adventure Fanatics
  • Montmorency Falls: Explore The Highest Falls
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge: Lap Of Nature Calls You
  • Waterton Lakes National Park: Bags All The Titles
  • Prince Edward Island: For A Splendid Game Of Golf
  • Kluane National Park and Reserve: For Wildlife Enthusiasts
  • Mont Tremblant: For Skiing Activities

1. Niagara Falls: An Elegant View

Niagara Falls With Rainbow in Canada

If there is one destination you’d find in every ‘best places to visit in Canada during summers’ list, it is the Niagara Falls. Built along the spellbinding waterfalls by the same name, this famous city is an ideal place to explore if you’re looking for a magical experience. It is indeed one of the most iconic and best places to visit in Canada. Have a great time enjoying the views and clicking pictures of the cascading falls. You’ll have an unparalleled sightseeing experience when you’ll visit Niagara Falls at night.

Best time to visit: June – August

How to reach: The nearest airport is Buffalo-Niagara International Airport that is just 30-40 minutes away from Niagara Falls. You can take a cab and reach the falls easily.

Things To Do:

  • Witness the gorgeous waterfalls
  • Get your game on at the Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort
  • Spend time at the MarineLand

Location: Ontario, Canada

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2. Whistler: Your Perfect Ski Resort

best places to visit in Canada in winter

Home to one of the largest ski resorts in North America, Whistler is one of the best places in Canada for winter holidays! Skiing, snowshoeing, and tobogganing are few of the thrilling sports to indulge in for enjoying in this captivating snow land. So, if you are a thrill seeker, then Whistler is one of the best places to visit in Canada for you! If you’re traveling from Vancouver to Whistler, then you can call a cab that will make you reach in about 1 hour 30 minutes. You can choose from the best hotels in Edmonton for lavish stay in Canada.

Best time to visit: June – August, December – March

How to reach: The nearest airport is Vancouver International Airport that is 2.5 hours away from Whistler. You can take a cab and reach Whistler easily. 

Things To Do:

  • Indulge in snowmobiling
  • Witness the town’s vibrant culture by visiting the art museums and cultural centres
  • Dine at 21 Steps or Alta Bistro

Location: British Columbia, Canada

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3. Quebec City: Explore The French Influence

Romantic places to visit in Canada

Renowned as North America’s oldest walled city, and the most beautiful city in Canada and considered top Canada tourist places, which you must visit with your partner if magic, romance, and all things French is what tickles your fancy the most. Have an amazing time with your partner in the magical Quebec city. It is one of the most enchanting places to see in Canada because of art and culture scenes.

Best time to visit: June, September – December

How to reach: The nearest airport is Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport. You can take a cab from the airport to reach the city easily.

Things To Do:

  • Visit the historic attractions like The Citadel
  • Relax at the BattleFields Park
  • Walk along the scenic Terrasse Dufferin

Location: Québec, Canada

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4. St. John’s: An Artist’s Retreat

colored houses in St. John's Canada

When in Canada places to visit can be abundant and spoil you with its choices. Popular for its jelly beaned & crayon colored houses, and being an artist’s retreat, St. John’s is like a mini San Francisco. Considered as one of the best cities to visit in Canada, you can explore the city with an open heart. Despite being the oldest city, the vibe of this place is as refreshing as that of any metro town, which is perfect for any of your holidays. Also, do not miss the Water Street when you are here!

Best time to visit: April – May, September – October

How to reach: The nearest airport is St. John’s International Airport from where you can take a cab and reach the destination. 

Things To Do:

  • Visit the Cape Spear Lighthouse
  • Learn about the local culture and history at The Rooms
  • Shop and eat at the famous Water Street

Location: Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

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5. Tofino: A Water Lover’s Paradise

beach town in canada

Image Courtesy:

If you can’t imagine a holiday without a beach, Tofino is the place for you! It’s a paradise for water lovers and a haven for people seeking comfort in their cozy hotel rooms after spending a long day out in the town. Have a great time by the beach in Tofino. It is one of the places to go in Canada for an exotic beach time.

Best time to visit: March – May, September – November

How to reach: The nearest airport is Tofino-Ucluelet Airport from where you can take a cab and reach Tofino easily. 

Things To Do:

  • Explore the famous beaches like Long Beach and Chesterman Beach
  • Try the popular fish tacos
  • Indulge in kayaking and camping at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

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6. Churchill: Seek Tons Of Adventure

Polar bear capital of the world canada

If you are looking for Canada tourist places, this is the one you must check out. This small town located on Hudson Bay definitely counts as one of the top places to visit in Canada. Known as the polar bear capital of the world, Churchills is the perfect hotspot for travelers who love having a close encounter with wildlife. It is also a great destination for adventure seekers and one can enjoy underwater activities here.

Best time to visit: October – November

How to reach: The nearest airport is Churchill Airport from where you can take a cab and reach Churchill. 

Things To Do:

  • Swim or snorkel with Beluga whales
  • Explore Fort Prince of Wales
  • Take a Tundra Buggy tour

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