Vacation In Cantonese

If you have been working really hard and feeling strained then it is time for a vacation. In this article, we will tell you about the places where a person can get fun and enjoy his or her vacation. This article will give you a brief research about vacation in Cantonese. You don’t just want to go from place to place you want some information about the place before going there.

Ever wanted to learn Cantonese? I had to learn it for work. But not just any learning, I took a week of vacation to go to Hong Kong speak only Cantonese. How much did I understand?

Traveling to China must be very exciting. I love travelling. I’m so excited when planning the trip. What should I pack? Make sure you don’t miss out anything! If you are going to visit China, I recommend visiting Canton city. It is in southern mainland and most popular cities in China. It is also the capital of Guangdong province. Nowadays, it has been become a better city. There’re various attractions and places to enjoy when you visiting this beautiful city. First of all, do you know the traffic rules in China? Second, can you read Chinese characters? You need to know some basic phrases in Chinese such as “Hello, How are you?” Or “Is there English speaker here?” The third thing is that can you use chopsticks? Cantonese is a dialect, not a language. But it’s difficult for many foreigners because of the pronunciation and intonation are softer than standard Cantonese spoken in Hong Kong and Macau where most people speak Mandarin.

Vacation In Cantonese

Many people dream about visiting the paradise-like countries of South East Asia but don’t know much about the options available to them. Hong Kong and China are two regions that many westerners don’t really consider when planning a vacation. There is a lot more to these two areas of Asia than just the famous Chinese dragons and the breathtaking Great Wall. Many people try to make their vacations as enjoyable as possible by planning it in great detail. By the time they get around to booking their seat they have spent hours poring over different websites searching for the best airline. The cost of air travel has skyrocketed over recent years, which is why it is so important to shop around thoroughly before making your decision. Turbulent times call for tough decisions, but spending hours on end looking at flights can take its toll on even the most hardened shopper. You need someone or something that will give you some direction before you get sucked into wasting hours trawling through countless flight prices. But where can you turn?

It is easy to get lost in breathtaking tourist spots and mouth-watering dim sums of Hong Kong but a trip without making connections with the people cannot be called a real adventure. To do that, you must at least learn some Cantonese travel phrases that you can use traveling across the country. Being able to make a connection with the locals will not just make your whole trip a lot easier but you are also opening yourself to experience their culture and traditions that have been passed on to generations.

Cantonese In Hong Kong, Macau, And Guangdong Province In China

Hong Kong and Macau are Chinese countries but don’t be surprised that the official language is spoken all over these countries and Guangdong Province in China is not Mandarin but Cantonese. Cantonese is one of the Chinese dialects. The differences between Cantonese and Mandarin will be drawn from their history. Although most of the population of these countries speak Cantonese, locals also know how to speak English. You might see this as an advantage but learning a few Cantonese travel phrases will not cost you too much and it will also serve as a sign of respect as a foreigner to their land.

Useful Cantonese Phrases

When you travel across Asia, it is impossible not to put Hong Kong on your list. Who would not fall in love with the beautiful tourist spots where everyone, even children can enjoy? Who would not love to splurge into a shopping spree in different shopping centers? Who would not crave their local mouth-watering Cantonese food? But how can you enjoy these things if you do not know how to communicate with people?

Hong Kong has a lot more to offer than beautiful tourist spots, delicious dim sums, and shopping centers. Hong Kong has its own gem that nobody can take – the locals. Being able to communicate with people who are proud of their culture and traditions will bring you a deeper understanding of their history, customs, and ideals. If you are wondering where to start with, here are some Cantonese travel phrases that you need to know:


If you are a traveler, you know the importance of knowing how to go around the country through different transportation like taxis, buses, and trains. As a foreigner, especially if it is your first time, you also want to make sure that you are comfortable in where you are staying and spending the night. Check out these useful Cantonese phrases that may come in handy when traveling to Hong Kong.

CantonesePinyinEnglish Translation
呢度有冇巴士由機場去市區?ni1 dou6 jau5 mou5 baa1 si2 jau4 gei1 coeng4 heoi3 si5?Is there a bus from the airport to the city?
呢架巴士係咪去機場?ni1 gaa3 baa1 si2 hai6 mai6 heoi3 gei1 coeng4?Is this the right bus for the airport?
請問費用幾錢?cing2 man6 fai3 jung6 gei2 cin2?Excuse me, what’s the fare?
一張去__嘅飛, 唔該jat1 zoeng1 heoi3 __ ge3 fei1, m4 goi1A ticket to __ please, thanks
車站喺邊?ce1 zaam6 hai2 bin1?Where is the train station?
呢班車去邊度㗎?ni1 baan1 ce1 heoi3 bin1 dou6 gaa3?Where does this bus go?
班火車會幾點到呀?baan1 fo2 ce1 wui5 gei2 dim2 dou3 aa3When will the train arrive?
今晚有冇房?gam1 maan1 jau5 mou5 fong2?Do you have any vacancies tonight?
你可唔可以俾間非吸煙房間我?nei5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji3 bei2 gaan1 fei1 kap1 jin1 fong2 ngo5?Could you find me a non-smoking room?
唔該我想要非吸煙位。m4 goi1 ngo5 soeng2 jiu3 fei1 kap1 jin1 wai2.I’d like to have a non-smoking seat, please.
我可唔可以轉房?ngo5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji3 zyun3 fong2?Could I move to a different room?

Cantonese Travel Phrases – Traveling

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Asking And Giving Directions

The risk of literally getting lost while traveling is very daunting. If you know the address of your destination, it is easy to ask but if not, you should know at least the common words that are used when asking and giving directions. Here are basic Cantonese phrases and sentences that you may use when asking or giving directions.

CantonesePinyinEnglish Translation
可唔可以喺張地圖度指俾我睇呀?ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 hai2 zoeng1 dei6 tou4 dou6 zi2 bei2 ngo5 tai2 aa3?Can you show me on the map?
直行zik6 hang4Go straight

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