Vacation In Cuba

Cuba is a beautiful and historic place in the Caribbean that has been off-limits for many years. Thankfully, this no longer holds true, and it is currently possible to visit the island for the first time since 1959. If you have ever wanted to visit Cuba, 2017 is your chance – as there already has been a spike in visitation from people from all over the world.

What do you need to know before booking a vacation to Cuba? Whether you’re traveling alone or with your significant other, family, or friends, there are important things to note.

Cuba is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea, just south of the Cockscomb and east of the Bahamas. It has roughly 1.2 million residents and is roughly the size of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware combined. Cuba’s northern shore lies some 200 kilometres from Florida.

Havana has a long and festive history that can be traced back four hundred years. Yet, it seems in the past five decades, this tropical getaway has been on a crash course. The island nation has evolved immensely, particularly after a half century of US economic sanctions were lifted in 2015.

Vacation In Cuba

One of the must-sees for the first-time traveler to Cuba is Old Havana, home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With its colorful colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and vibrant history, it’s no wonder that this historic district has earned such distinction.


To take a Cuba vacation is to step back in time. Its half-century economic embargo has left the developing island nation seemingly frozen in time, its isolation keeping the mid-century vintage style as the everyday for decades. Not much has changed since the United States embargo against Cuba began in 1959. You’ll still find classic cars on the streets and a charm that’s both refreshing and fascinating. Luxury travel to Cuba reveals a striking and romantic setting with a little grit, but the true exclusivity here is the access to natural areas, sleepy cities, and an eclectic population, all on the cusp of watching the tourist flood gates finally open from the United States.

In a modern world of travel bans and changing political restrictions, Ker & Downey custom Cuba vacations remain legal for US citizens and adhere to the US government restrictions under the Support for the Cuban People license category.

The possibilities for development that are on the horizon in this once-shunned destination have led the travel industry to collectively beat the drum with a singular message: “go to Cuba and beat the rush!” Its colorful buildings and cobblestone streets may one day get a facelift, and its well-preserved colonial towns may soon see an increase in traffic. Whatever the future holds for Cuba in the way of modernization and tourism, our travelers will always experience the true spirit of this destination in an intimate and personalized setting, just as they do anywhere else in the world when traveling with Ker & Downey.

Stateside luxury travelers looking for an authentic experience in a Cuba vacation and will be able to interact with the true heartbeat of the country – its people. Isolation has fostered an unshakable sense of community and a culture that has evolved organically with little outside influence. Cubans are eager to share their simple pleasures with a smile, celebrating life through hearty home-cooking, vibrant jazz music, hand-rolled cigars, and the excitement of a game of baseball.

Come face to face with the charming atmosphere of Cuba with Ker & Downey’s Cuba vacation packages. Activities are customized for each visitor to make the most of this historic place, all while promoting meaningful exchange with and support for the Cuban people. Contacting your Ker & Downey designer is the first step in crafting your own luxury travel to Cuba. Explore our Cuba vacation packages below.

Custom Journeys to Cuba

Private Tailor-Made Cuba

Our Private Tailor-Made Cuba journey gets to the heart of the culture and spirit of Cuba. Luxury travel to Cuba with support for the Cuban people is completely customizable, allowing you to choose your own travel experience.

7 nights / 8 daysDETAILS 

Advantages of Traveling to Cuba with Ker & Downey - Support for the Cuban People Travel

Traveling to Cuba with Ker & Downey

We have been partnering with travelers to create their own journeys to Cuba since August 2015. Recent policy changes on American travel have stirred up questions about traveling to Cuba. The good news: it’s not out of reach with Ker & Downey.

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