Vacation In Cyprus

If you have a vacation coming up and plan on visiting Cyprus, the best thing that you can do is check out TripAdvisor. They have extremely useful information and they know what they’re talking about. When I was planning my vacation, I was very grateful for the help that you provided and am still using it to make sure I see all of the interesting attractions on my trip to Cyprus.

Cyprus has a lot to offer when it comes to fun and relaxation. Many people on their holidays choose resorts in Cyprus because of the beautiful weather and white sand seashores. When you go on vacation to Cyprus, you need to do only two things: rest, relax and enjoy!

Cyprus is a beautiful island where history, tradition and culture meet modernity. The island is also full of natural beautiful things to see, so if you are planning a vacation you will definitely enjoy it.

Travelzoo has named Cyprus as the best holiday destination for 2018. Believe us and fall in love with the country like millions before you. Discover the most beautiful beaches, mountains and natural parks by car, or have a walk in the charming old town of Limassol. Incredible nature, gorgeous scenery, friendly locals and delicious food are waiting for you in Cyprus. Book your flights now!

Vacation In Cyprus

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I asked a few of my friends, who are regulars to the island, their opinions before I set off. They said: ‘Cyprus is a lovely place, really hot, but there’s no sightseeing’. 

I was shocked. If you could describe my worst travel experience in a few words it would be ‘lying on the beach’. I mean, that’s okay for a few hours but not daily for two weeks!  Worst. Holiday. EVER! 

So, naturally, I immediately set out to prove them wrong. And oh boy, how wrong they were! 

Nothing to see in Cyprus? You may as well tell me there’s nothing to see in Barcelona or Italy or Greece or – well, you get the point!  So, here’s why you should visit Cyprus – and certainly not just to lie on the beach! 

1. Aphrodite’s Beach 

best places to visit in cyprus - aphrodities beach

Yes, I know I’ve started with a beach. You may laugh. You may also roll your eyes. But seriously this is not just any beach.  

First of all,  Aphrodite’s Beach is pebbly, so not so much your perfect sunbathing spot.  

Secondly, this beach is home to Aphrodite’s rock, also known as Petra tou Romiou, where, legend had it, the Goddess of Love, emerged from the ocean.  

places to visit in cyprus - aphrodities rock

The stretch of coastline is one of the most beautiful in southern Cyprus, with rocks jutting out dramatically from the water and coves carved into the white cliffs that sprawl along the horizon.

Being the birthplace of the Goddess of Love, this is also the most romantic spots on the island and a favourite for weddings and proposals. 

2. The Tomb Of The Kings 

This is a vast UNESCO World Heritage site close to the center of Paphos. The tombs date back to the Hellenistic and Roman periods and are pretty spectacular.  

best places to visit in cyprus tomb of the kings
Tomb of the Kings

They most likely were the tombs of high aristocrats rather than actual Kings. But it was the splendour of the tombs that gave them their name. 

They actually share quite a few properties with the tombs at Alexandria in Egypt, which indicates a strong connection between these two civilizations during this period. The tombs themselves are stunning and for the small fee of €2.50, they’re well worth the visit.  

places to visit in cyprus tomb of the kings

Walk through the underground caverns and marvel at the columns and the intricate design of the burial site. The sheer size of some of the tombs is quite astonishing. They resemble small houses, rather than places of the dead! 

best places in cyprus tomb of the kings

You will also find countless stacks of stones littering the beautiful horizon of the tombs. Placed there for good luck, a memorial gesture, or as a sign to make a wish, the piles of pebbles spread from the edge of the tombs to the stunning ocean view behind it. Also, if you look carefully, you’ll see a shipwreck mounted on a coral reef in the distance. 

best places in cyprus - tomb of the kings beach

3. Cyprus’s Blue Lagoon 

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most isolated beaches in Cyprus yet one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Europe.

Hidden in the Akamas Peninsula on the most north-westerly tip of the island, it’s another of Cyprus’s hidden gems that are a little tricky to get to. The road to the lagoon isn’t suitable for normal cars so the only way to get there is by 4×4, quad bike, or by boat.  

places to visit in cyprus blue lagoon

Fortunately, there are plenty of boat tours to the Blue Lagoon and many of them will pick you up from your hotel, which makes getting there a lot easier.  

When you arrive, you’ll find dreamy turquoise and peacock-blue water, which is actually really warm, as it’s a shielded bay. You’ll also find soft white sand and coral reefs teeming with fish. 

It’s the perfect place to go snorkelling or scuba diving as there’s so much to see in the crystal-clear waters. Plus, you’ll also be treated to some wonderful views out across the island and the ocean. 

4. The Ancient Kourion 

things to see in cyprus ancient kourion

If you’re a history fan and like the sound of the Tomb of the Kings, then you will fall in love with the Ancient Kourion as well.  

The Kourion is fairly isolated; about 45 minutes east of Paphos town and 20 minutes west of Limassol. If you are planning a day trip there, the easiest way to get there is to hire a car. But, as one of the most powerful kingdoms of ancient Cyprus, it’s definitely worth the trouble. 

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