Vacation In Duck Nc

Are you dreaming of organizing a business trip or holiday in Duck? Here are some tips to help you set the base for an awesome vacation in Duck.

When you want some of the most spectacular piece of land in North Carolina this is the place to be. It is located on a private island called Duck. This area alone will make anyone feel like they never want to leave. We have this amazing home that is perfect for anyone that wants to get away and relax with their loved ones. No worries about having to drive long distances. The house sleeps up to eight people with 3 beds, 1 king, 2 queens and 2 bunk beds. This stunning home has a 50 inch HD plasma TV with satellite service, a CD/DVD player for rainy days and there are plenty of other amenities that make your trip memorable such as WiFi internet connection, air conditioning/heating, washer & dryer, outdoor grill and a charcoal grill, fully equipped kitchen and laundry room. When you get outside you will have a gorgeous porch which overlooks the ocean and puts everything into complete perspective. Now you can talk about the most spectacular view from inside or outside the house! We also have paddle boats for you to use so you can really enjoy the surrounding beauty! If you are interested in booking please contact us at 888-908-2616 or go online to URL: http://www.islandclub

Vacation In Duck Nc

All across America, people seek out vacation destinations to relax and escape the monotony of the daily grind. In this era of hi-tech distractions and fast-paced living, it is easy to forget what truly matters – family togetherness. The following curated list of vacation spots aims to inspire families to unplug and share some precious moments together.

Summer vacations are all about relaxation, fun and family time. But most often, it is the kids who have all the fun while the parents do all the planning and managing. Vacations these days are not just about beaches and resorts; more and more families are looking at different kinds of vacations in a bid to spend some quality time together. There can be a wide range of vacation options where the family can choose from depending on their preferences and budget.

After a long hard working year, you will finally have time to relax. Money is also running low as funds have been used up on office supplies, equipment, gas for the car and whatnots. Even if you wanted to, you can’t just leave work behind and go on vacation. Another consideration is where you will go. While it’s not the most ideal choice, you could always choose to stay at home since it was already paid for. Though your usual routine will be nice and relaxing (for awhile), it may grow old eventually. If well-planned, your vacation could end up costing less than staying at home which means more money for more exciting vacations in the future.


Duck is an Outer Banks beach town located on the northern Outer Banks in Dare County, North Carolina. Duck offers family-friendly, private beaches accessible by guests and residents of Duck, NC. Visitors to Duck enjoy the bike/walking path throughout the town, and the quaint shops and local restaurants in the heart of the town. Duck vacation rentals are situated in Oceanside and Soundside communitites with community beach access. 



  • Beaches – Spacious private beach accesses for it’s Oceanside to Soundside Communities.
  • Shopping – Duck offers several boardwalk shopping centers filled with the best local shops!
  • Food – Duck is home to many of the best local restaurants on the Outer Banks. 
  • Watersports Activities – Watersport opportunities are plentiful in Duck North Carolina. Try jet skies or parasailing!
  • Events – Seasonal Weekly events hosted by the Town Of Duck in the heart of Downtown Duck at the Town Park.
  • Soundside Boardwalk – Duck has the most amazing Soundside boardwalk expanding over a mile long. Enjoy a long walk via the Duck Boardwalk through maritime forest while enjoying breathtaking Sound views

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